Thrive Leads Review – Ninja Bonus: List Building Hacks

Thrive Leads, the new list building plugin for WordPress, has just been released! As a customer of the Thrive Themes membership program, I was able to get early access to the plugin, and I’ve been testing it out for the last few days.

I was especially excited to try it because according to Shane Melaugh, Thrive Leads is better than Hybrid Connect (his previous list building plugin that I also bought) in every way and it’s on a completely new level compared to any other list building plugin out there. That’s a pretty bold claim, so let’s take a look and see what it can do!

Thrive Leads Demo Video

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What Kind of Opt-In Forms Can It Make?

Thrive Leads can create just about any kind of opt-in form you can think of:

  • Light boxes
  • Opt-ins for any widget area on your blog
  • Slide-in forms (these ones slide in at the bottom corner of the page)
  • Post footer forms
  • Ribbon style opt-ins (this form is a strip at the top of the screen)
  • Shortcodes to add forms in your post content
  • Two-step opt-ins (click a link/button/image and the opt-in lightbox appears).

Multi-step (survey style) opt-ins and screen-takeover popups are also in the works. The only other type of opt-in I can think of is contest sign up forms, which to be fair isn’t strictly an opt-in form, and I’ve got you covered for that anyway (see the end of this review).

How Much Can The Forms Be Customized?

All the opt-ins listed above have professional, pre-designed templates that you can choose from if you don’t want to design your own. But they are also completely customizable thanks to the drag-and-drop Thrive Content Builder.

The Content Builder is the same visual editor that they have in the Thrive Themes, which means it has all the same elements available to use! That was quite surprising, I wasn’t expecting that at all. It’s like having the features of a whole extra plugin! Here are just a few of the elements you can insert with a click:

Thrive Content Builder elements 2Thrive Content Builder elements 1

  • Buttons
  • Icons
  • Credit card icons
  • Content reveal
  • Star ratings
  • Columns
  • Styled content boxes
  • Testimonials
  • Calls to action
  • Guarantee boxes
  • Pricing tables
  • Tabbed content
  • Countdown timers
  • Responsive video
  • …and more!

Some of these elements are less likely to be used than other for opt-in forms, but it’s awesome to have these options. You can use them to make opt-ins that stand out from the crowd and increase conversion rates even more.

For example, if you’re giving away an ebook as your opt-in gift (or software, a video, or anything really) then you can add a testimonial from one of your previous subscribers along with a star rating. I could also see the calls to action being useful, and the countdown timers are great for adding urgency if your opt-in gift is only going to be available for a limited time.

TemplatesI love the templates – they look much more professional than anything I could make on my own, and thanks to the editor I can easily make a few small changes to customize the template to me needs.
Each different kind of opt-in form has it’s own set of pre-made templates – and the version I’m testing is an early one, so they’ll have even more templates soon!

Working with the editor can be a little confusing at first – or maybe that was just me! Anyway, it took me a little while to get into the hang of things, simply because I’m not used to being able to edit things so directly.

For example, there’s a quote box element with a “click to tweet” button, and I was having trouble editing the text in the box. This is because I clicked on the box (which would open the editing options for it) and then I highlighted the placeholder text and tried to edit it, but the text I was typing wouldn’t appear. This is because to edit the text I should have clicked on the text itself, not the box.

It also took me a few minutes to figure out how to connect the opt-in form to my autoresponder, because I kept looking for an options page to paste the code.

Luckily there are short video tutorials for every step, which you can watch directly in your dashboard, so I quickly found out that all I had to do was click the input area of the form and paste in the code. Duh!

After that I got the hang of it, and it was pretty intuitive. You just have to remember that since everything is editable and everything has it’s own editing options, you have to click on exactly what you want to edit.

Everything can be customized – the colors, text, font, images, and any other elements on the form. Just click on anything you want to change in the editor, and customize it however you like from the options panel that opens up. You can also save your customizations as templates so that you can easily and quickly use them again later.

Can You Display Different Forms on Different Pages?

TargetingWith the targeting options, you can choose exactly where you want each form to show – this means you can tailor your opt-ins to appeal to each visitor as much as possible by matching your opt-in offer with the pages it appears on.

You can choose to show an opt-in on the front page, on all posts, on all pages, on your blog index pages, on your 404 error page, or on your search page. You can also choose to show a form only on specific categories, tags, posts, pages, page templates, post types, or archive pages, etc.

Using Triggers and Display Frequency to Limit How Often Visitors See Your Forms

Frequency settingsIn Thrive Leads you can choose to have the opt-ins appear only after certain conditions have been met, and also to appear only with a frequency of your choosing. This way you can make sure you don’t irritate your readers with opt-in forms that appear too soon or too often.

The triggers you can choose from depend on the type of form, but here is the list of all the triggers available:

  • Show immediately on page load
  • Show after a certain period of time (from 0 to 100 seconds)
  • Show when the user scrolls to a specific part of the content (using the element’s class or ID)
  • Show when the user scrolls to a percentage of the way down the content
  • Show when the form enters viewport
  • Show when the user clicks an element
  • Show when the user is about to exit the page

On mobile devices you can’t read exit intent, so if you choose that for the trigger then it will let you set a timer as the trigger for mobile devices. I like how the Thrive products are always mobile-compatible πŸ™‚

Does Thrive Leads Have Split-Testing Capabilities like Hybrid Connect?

This was my main concern. I bought Hybrid Connect back in 2013, even though I already had other list building plugins, because it was the only one that was able to do split tests. So I was very happy to see that yes, Thrive Leads does split tests too!

thrive leads ab testWith A/B testing, you can make an opt-in of any type, then clone it and make a change to the design OR to the trigger and test to see which converts better. It’s better to just change one thing at a time, or you won’t be sure which change caused the difference in conversions.

You can also make different types of opt-in forms and test them against each other, which I don’t think has ever been possible before in any other lead generation plugin for WordPress.

There is also a feature called Automatic Winner Settings that you can enable so that you can just set up the test and then forget about it. When a winner is found (according to criteria that you can choose), it will automatically start using the winning form.

So you can just set and forget it if you want, but there are also stats and reporting that you can look at if you want to keep an eye on things. With these graphs you can get detailed insights on where your conversions are coming from, and compare different campaigns or form types.

The Verdict

If you’ve been struggling to build your list, or you want to build it more quickly, then I highly recommend this plugin. Split-testing always seemed so complicated, and even though I knew I should be doing it, in the back of my mind I always thought of it as something that only extremely detail-oriented people could do.

But Thrive Leads makes it all so clear and simple – you can set the tests up with just a few clicks, and then forget about it and the plugin will keep track of everything for you, automatically improving your conversion rate so that you can build your list as quickly as possible.

The pre-made templates are also extremely useful, and Shane Melaugh said that they will be adding more templates and more features soon. And I trust him when he says that, because I’m also a customer of Thrive Themes and Thrive Content Builder, and since I signed up he’s already updated it with great new features many times – and at no extra cost! He’s built a reputation for high quality products.

Some of the new features Shane says are already in the works are: more 2-step opt-in options, multi-step (survey style) opt-ins, screen-takeover popup, new templates, and content replacement for existing subscribers (which I’m particularly excited about!).

If you pick up a copy during the launch period, the value for money is even higher because you’ll be getting a big discount. The launch prices are as follows:

Single site license: $39
Unlimited personal sites: $67
Agency license: $127

After the launch period, the prices will be:

Single site license: $59
Unlimited personal sites: $97
Agency license: $247/year

My Thrive Leads Bonuses

So I think this is an awesome plugin, but I know how intimidating it can be to start building a list. If you just have a tool and no guidance, you might not get very far, especially if you’re a worrier and a perfectionist like me. The indecision over what to write can be paralyzing if you don’t watch out!

So if you buy Thrive Leads through my link, I want to make sure that you get started with list building as soon as possible. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did in the beginning and let your doubts become excuses and obstacles that stop you from building an email list – which as I’m sure you know by now, is one of the most important things to do in marketing.

And if you’re like me, you don’t want to be one of those marketers that blast their list with offers all the time. So I’ve put together a huge bonus of email marketing training, resources, and shortcuts (the exact same training and tools I’m using myself), designed to clear up your doubts and give you everything you need to build a list of subscribers that can’t wait to open your emails!

Thrive Leads Bonus Bundle
Included in this bundle is:

    Contest Blitz

  • Contest Blitz + 500 Skins – this premium WordPress plugin makes the one kind of opt-in form that Thrive Leads doesn’t (at least not yet) – contest forms! Contests are a great way to collect emails, and your subscribers will do the promoting for you by sharing your site on social media to get more entries – it could even turn viral! This plugin also comes with 500 skins/themes to easily customize it’s look.
  • 30 Day Email Challenge – this series of challenges will help you to grow your list of subscribers and get better results, by building better relationships with them and by giving them real value.
  • 50 free gift ideas – stumped as to what you can give your readers to entice them to sign up to your list? Here are 50 ideas to choose from!
  • 30 Content Starters small

  • 30 Content Starters – it will be difficult to build a list without traffic, and to get traffic you need content! These 30 content starters will make it a breeze to come up with new topics for articles, products, videos, or blog posts!
  • Email Copy That Sells – writing has never come easily to me, and writing emails can be even more difficult than writing blog posts because you have to compete with a flood of other emails in your subscriber’s inbox. How do you get them to open yours? And once they do, how do you get them to take the action you want them to take? This ebook answers these questions, and will teach you how to write emails and subject lines that get more clicks, opens, and sales.
  • 40 headlines small

  • 40 Fill-In-The-Blank Blog Post Headline Templates – if you’ve written the content but are stuck on coming up with a good title, then this swipe file of 40 titles is just what you need. All you have to do is pick one and fill in the blanks!
  • 5 Minute Sales Copy Formula – use these templates to quickly write promotional emails that work every time!
  • 300 Power Words and Phrases – this swipe file has 300 power words and phrases you can use in your emails. You have to be careful not to overdo some of these – be sure to first read the relevant chapter in the “Email Copy That Sells” ebook I’ve included in this bonus, so you know how to use them correctly.
  • 100 Hot Email Subject Lines small

  • 100 Hot Email Subject Lines – in here there are about 130 catchy subject lines that you can swipe and customize for your needs.
  • Instant Winning Headlines – this secret method is an ingenious way to quickly get great headlines that are proven to work, which you can copy or just use as inspiration.
  • 10 High Converting Email Templates – this is a mix between promotional and non-promotional email templates that each serve a certain purpose and will cover most of your email marketing needs.
  • Email Copy Checklist small

  • Email Copy Checklist – thanks to this checklist it’s easy to make sure you’ve done everything to make sure your conversion rates of your emails are as high as possible.
  • 50 things to send your list – it’s no good to just sell sell sell, but sometimes it can be difficult to think of things to send your subscribers. This list has 50 different ideas that you can use to come up with infinite emails that your subscribers will love to read!

How to Get My Bonuses

To qualify for my bonus package, make sure you complete the following steps:

  1. IMPORTANT: Clear your browser cookies. This step is mandatory – even if you don’t think you’ve clicked on other affiliate links before, or if you clicked on a link for a different Thrive product. If you don’t know how to do it, Google the instructions for your specific browser.
  2. Click the link below to go to the official Thrive Leads site and buy the plugin.
  3. Use my contact form to send me a message with:
  • Your date of purchase
  • Your order number (found under the “My Accounts” tab in your Thrive dashboard)

I’ll then confirm your order number and send you your bonuses asap!

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    • Hi Eklavya,

      Thanks for your question – and sorry about the late response, your comment somehow ended up in spam!

      No, it doesn’t currently have that option, but it’s a great idea! Shane and his team are always adding new features to their products, so I’m going to suggest it to them and hopefully we’ll see it soon πŸ™‚

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