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Constant Profits Club update

I’ve put together a huge bonus package for The Rankings Institute! I’m not going to try to convince you with fake “estimated values” – my goal with the first few bonuses is to remove as many stumbling blocks for you as I can, so that you can get started immediately and start earning money as soon as possible.

My goal with the rest of the bonuses is to help maximize the results you get with the Rankings Institute by giving you premium tools to increase conversions. Go to the end of this post for instructions on how to qualify for all these bonuses 🙂

Bonus #1 – Done-For-You Site Setup

web designI will set up your first WordPress site for you according to the RI methods, along with some security plugins to keep your sites (and earnings) safe. This is perfect for those of you who are new to internet marketing – this way you can get up and running in no time, without worrying about any techy details.

Bonus #2 – Free Customized Video

I will make you a video to promote your site or the affiliate product you are promoting. This will save you money, give your website a boost, lower your bounce rate, and increase sales! (Note: Please request your video within one month from your date of purchase.)

Bonus #3 – Graphics Template Packs

graphics templatesThis bonus is actually a few different bonuses in one! It contains graphics templates for your Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages. It also contains header and banner templates for your sites. With these templates you can get professional looking graphics in just a few minutes!

Bonus #4 – WordPress Guide

trainingThis step by step guide is filled with screenshots, showing you how to build a website with WordPress from scratch. After you have succeeded with your first site, you can use this guide to replicate your success as often as you want with new sites!

Bonus #5 – Review Writing Guide

writingDo you hate writing reviews? Do you struggle to get the right tone, and are your conversions abysmal? Then this guide is for you. I also used to hate writing reviews – I would spend days writing and editing them, agonizing over which words to use, and in the end they would still never sound as professional as the reviews on other websites. But this guide made me realize that they didn’t need to, and showed me that high-converting reviews can be one of the easiest things to write.

Bonus #6 – Duplicate Examiner Plugin

Duplicate ExaminerIf you use PLR content on any of your websites, this plugin will keep track of how much you have rewritten it so you don’t post duplicate content. It’s all done on the page where you write your WordPress posts, so no more separate software, copying and pasting, and monthly fees!

Bonus #7 – Super Styles Plugin

Super StylesThis plugin makes it easy and quick to add professional touches to your posts. It adds a button to your WordPress post editor that will allow you to add attention-grabbing boxes for text that you want to stand out (eg. alert messages, tips, downloads, etc.); beautifully styled testimonial boxes; and lists with checks, crosses, arrows, and more!

Bonus #8 – Expiring Content Plugin

Expiring ContentWith this plugin you can easily schedule content to appear and/or disappear on any date you choose. It works with any type of content that can be placed inside a WordPress post – text, images, videos, buy buttons, sign-up forms, etc.

Bonus #9 – Greeter Band Plugin

Greeter BandThis plugin allows you to display a colorful, attention-grabbing bar at the top of your website. Inside this bar you can add notices, links you want your readers to click on, or even an opt-in form!

You can style the text, add small images, and change the bar’s background and border color to match or contrast with your site’s color scheme.

Bonus #10 – Share to Download Plugin

Share to DownloadThis plugin helps you get more subscribers, social media shares and followers by allowing you to offer any type of download to your readers (including PDFs, MP3s, MP4s, Word or Excel documents, etc.) and ask for a share in exchange.

The plugin is easy to use, has customizable buttons, has the ability to include a signup form to increase your subscribers, and allows you to decide when to ask your readers to share – before or after they have downloaded the file.

Bonus #11 – Notice Box Ads Plugin

Notice Box AdsWe are all conditioned to read and respond to notices on our computer. This plugin will boost your click-through rate by allowing you to make ads that look like notice boxes appear on your website in the bottom right corner of the browser.

The easy to use plugin comes with 5 different templates, can make unlimited ads, and you can choose different ads to show on different posts and pages. You can also choose whether to display the ad right away or have it appear only after a certain amount of time has passed.

Bonus #12 – Scheduled Widgets Plugin

Scheduled WidgetsThis plugin gives you the ability to schedule when widgets will appear and disappear, and can be used in any widget area – the sidebar, header footer, homepage, etc.

It’s perfect for things like launch day notifications, one-day sales, limited-time coupon codes, and event announcements.

How To Qualify For These Bonuses

These bonuses are only for readers who join The Rankings Institute through my affiliate link. Here’s what to do:

  1. Clear your browser’s cookies
  2. Click here and join the program
  3. Send me your contact details using the contact form, with “The Rankings Institute Bonus” as the subject, and I will contact you to check your purchase details and send you your bonuses.
  4. Enjoy! 🙂
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  • Gary says:

    Hi Priscilla,

    I am taking the Rankings Institute’s course but am sorry I did not see your blog and sign up through you. I happened on some posts that Andrew had made and talked with him directly. I am having a lot of problems learning how to work Word Press, so I hope I can find some help on your pages. I am semi experienced with Front Page and Dreamweaver, but this new stuff is driving me crazy. Thanks for your site and willingness to help us newbe’s, I look forward to reviewing your pages over the next few weeks…

    Take care,

    • Hi Gary,

      If you need some help with WordPress, try posting in the Rankings Institute forum. Include as many details as possible, and I’m sure someone will be able to help you out 🙂

      Take care,

  • Dora says:

    Do these plugins work on MacBooks?

    • Hi Dora,

      These are plugins for WordPress websites, so you can use them with any operating system because they don’t run on your computer. And my computer is a Macbook Pro, so you can assume anything I review or offer as a bonus to my readers works on Macs too 🙂

  • >