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Some of my readers who read my review of The Rankings Institute have asked me what kind of results can be obtained with the course.

We’ve all bought courses before where we followed everything to the letter and still didn’t see any results – sometimes it seems like only the experts who have been doing SEO and internet marketing for years are able to get the rankings and traffic we all dream of.

So to give you proof that these methods can be used successfully by everyone, I contacted some of my fellow Rankings Institute members and asked if I could share their results and screenshots with you. A big thank you to all those who agreed! 🙂

You will see the results vary – this is because every niche is different, and everyone chose which techniques to implement according to their budget and time constraints. I wanted to give you all a realistic view of what kind of results can be achieved, and so I didn’t pick and choose only the best results to show you.

Franc’s Results

First up we have Franc Karpo, who didn’t spend any money at all on promoting his site. His results were achieved with working module 2 (which is about creating sites that Google loves) and adding more content the RI way.

He didn’t do any backlinking at all until he used the 10 free links (which all Rankings Institute members get) a few weeks ago.

In March he was getting under 100 visitors a day – now he gets between 800-1000 visitors a day!

Franc Karpo's results

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Krzysztof’s Results

Next we have Krzysztof Perkowski. In these 3 screenshots he shared, you can see his journey to top 3 in Google for 3 of his targeted keywords, which all together get 11k searches each month!

Krzysztof obtained these results without using the more expensive optimum backlinking plan. He followed the minimum plan Alex recommended from a cheaper service provider, but he was getting results slower than he had hoped. So he decided to use a ninja technique from module 8 – which as you can see, got results fast!

Krzysztof Perkowski's Rankings Institute results

Michael’s Results

Our third success story is Michael, who has also revealed his earnings. He said he only made his first SEO dollar last month (July), which turned into $218 that same month!

In the beginning of August when he posted his story in the private RI forum, he had already made $252 in the last week – and then the next day he posted that he had earned another $72 while he was asleep, and $36 while he was out!

His upward earning trajectory has continued – I’m writing this 8 days after his posts in the Facebook group, and he told me his earnings are now up to $890, and he’s on track to make $1k per month!

One of the techniques Michael used to get these results is from the Ninja module of RI. He says he offers a service for this method, and if you’d like to know more you can contact him at inventmls8@gmail.com.

Michael's results

Ennis’ Results

Ennis decided to implement the Rankings Institute methods on a brand new site in February. In March she started getting some traffic, and in April she was getting about 90 visits per day. She also had 2 terms on page 1 of Google and had made her first 11 sales.

Her traffic kept climbing, and in July she was already getting over 1000 visits per day – and she earned $3,856 that month! In July and August Ennis’ main promotional method only cost her $10 – and by the end of August she had reached over 3000 visits per day!

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Ennis results 1

Ennis results 3

Ennis earnings

Dave’s Results

Dave implemented techniques from the Rankings Institute on 2 sites. On the first site he increased his visitors from an average of around 60 to more than 220 per day. That’s a 260% increase!

The second site generates less traffic, but it actually converts at around 12%. Back before RI this site was averaging around about 20 sessions per day and getting about 1-2 sales per day. Dave’s conversion rates haven’t changed much, but his traffic has increased 5 fold and he’s now making on average about 10 – 12 sales every day.

Dave's results

Craig’s Results

Craig Morgan went for the cheaper way of generating backlinks, so his site is taking a bit longer to gain traction. However, last month he too started making sales! In his first month of earnings he made $221.48, and he has now moved onto the first page for his main keyword and is currently ranking at number six.

Craig Morgan's results

Blaine, Matt, and Stacey

These three achieved extraordinary results by implementing the Rankings Institute techniques.

Blaine joined the Rankings Institute in January and applied the RI methods to a new site – and by 27 August that site had earned him $14,921!

Blaine's results

Matt applied the RI methods to an old unused affiliate site, and rose to position 2 and 3 for his main keyword. Since he started working on this site, it’s earned him $27,252.61!

Matt's results

Stacey had a website that was already earning $2.5k per month, and in February she started applying RI techniques to it. She improved her rankings for hundreds of keywords simultaneously, and in the month of May alone she made $14,300!

Stacey promotes a few different products so I can’t show you a screenshot with all her earnings, but here are screenshots with her earnings from 3 products:

Stacey's results 1

Stacey's results 2

Stacey's results 3

I hope this post was useful and inspirational to you all! So often we’re too impatient, and unknowingly quit just before we would have seen results. But the people in this post put in the effort and didn’t give up, and their hard work more than paid off!

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