Squidoo Quick Commission Guide Review Part 2: Picking a Product

Squidoo Quick Commission Guide review - Part 2Hi everyone! This is part 2 of my Squidoo Quick Commission Guide review. In today’s post I’ll go over the download process for anyone that needs it, and then I’ll review the first chapter.

Downloading the product

Once you’ve bought the guide, you’ll receive an email with your download link. Go download the guide immediately, because the link expires in 24 hours!

Inside the zipped file you’ve just downloaded, you’ll get the guide in pdf format and a plain text file. The text file contains an html snippet that you don’t need to worry about right now, and links to either watch or download the 6 accompanying videos.

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Squidoo Quick Commission Guide Review: Part 1

Squidoo Quick Commission Guide review - Part 1Tiffany Dow’s Squidoo Quick Commission Guide has been on my wishlist since she released it a few weeks ago, so when I got paid I immediately hopped over to her site and bought it! It actually only costs $19, but I’d used up all my extra money while visiting my sister in London for Christmas 😉

Before I begin this review, I’d just like to make a few things clear so you know what to expect. The review will be divided into multiple parts, which I’ll write and post as I read the guide and implement what I’ve learned. I’ll probably also write some follow-up posts afterwards to keep you all updated on what my lenses are earning.

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Woah now! How did I get here?

Chronic Blogger - shopping addictHi everyone,

My name is Priscilla, and I’m a shopping addict. But not just any shopping – I could go for years without buying a new item of clothing unless I absolutely needed to, and I hate grocery shopping! No, I’m addicted to buying WordPress themes and plugins, and to a lesser degree, internet marketing courses (though there was a time when I used to buy crazy amounts of IM courses too!).
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