Easy Quick Member Review

easy-quick-member-sq1When I heard that the makers of the Profits Theme were launching Easy Quick Member (EQM), a plugin for creating membership sites, I wasn’t sure whether I should buy it or not.

I already had the Profits Theme by the same company, but I liked that EQM was a plugin and so could be used with any theme. This is important for existing sites that already have a branded look that you don’t want to change.

So I looked at the feature list, and these are the claims that convinced me to buy it even though it was still in beta at the time:

  • It’s the easiest and quickest way to set up a membership site
  • Protects your content from non-members, from members sharing their login info, group buying, and brute-force attacks
  • Unlimited products and membership levels
  • Free and/or paid memberships
  • Teaser content to entice people to join
  • Drip feeding
  • Subscription length control
  • Coupons
  • Integration with multiple autoresponders and shopping carts
  • Easy to understand sales, performance, and engagement reports
  • Click here for all the features

In this review, I’m going to test this plugin’s claims of being easy and quick by making a membership site from scratch. I’ll post screenshots with each step – to see them better, just click on the image thumbnails. Let’s begin!

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Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review Part 2 – Final Verdict

Easy Paycheck Formula 2Okay, today we get to the part I’ve been looking forward to in Easy Paycheck Formula 2 – getting traffic to our lenses!

Note: This review covers the video course. The version of the course on sale on the Warrior forum does not include the videos, but the ebook contains all the same methods. The videos are available as an upsell. See the comments under this post for more details.

Part 3 – Jump-Start Your Campaign

This section contains 6 short videos and covers how to get traffic from other Squidoo users.

Sara says we won’t make a lot of sales by doing this, but the traffic and likes we get will improve our lensrank and increase our authority in the eyes of future visitors. Sounds good!

The first video is an overview of this method, and the second is an explanation of the Squidoo dashboard and where to find the stats for our lenses.

The last 4 videos contain the methods for getting traffic, likes, and comments on our lenses from inside Squidoo.

These methods are so easy and simple, but they just never occurred to me and I could kick myself now. One of them in particular is quite subtle and clever. I have seen people doing this before, but I only now understand why it’s beneficial for them!

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Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review Part 1

Easy Paycheck Formula 2I first heard about Sara Young, the creator of Easy Paycheck Formula 2, in Andrew Hansen’s Forever Affiliate course – Andrew did an interview with her in one of the coaching modules.

Sara makes 6 figures a year working online, even though she’s a stay-at-home mom of 7 kids – which means she can’t have a lot of free time, right? I don’t have any kids and I never have time to do everything on my to-do list! But Sara says she works “barely part-time”.

So a few months ago when I heard about her new course, Easy Paycheck Formula 2, I was immediately interested.

The course is about making money online using only free methods, and though these methods can be used on various sites, this course focuses on Squidoo.

I haven’t had much luck with Squidoo yet, and I know I could be doing much better – often when researching niches in the Forever Affiliate course, one of the top spots on Google would be a Squidoo lens.

The points from the salespage that interested me the most were:

  1. No extra costs
  2. Can be done in less than 1 hour per day
  3. It works fast
  4. Teaches you how to get non-Google traffic
  5. Easy for complete beginners

The last point doesn’t affect me personally, but a lot of my readers have contacted me asking about courses for newbies. However, Sara says this course is also for intermediate marketers, so I’m hoping I’ll learn some stuff too.

In this review I’ll write my impressions as I go through the course, and let you know if it lives up to it’s promises or not.

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Simple Video Pro 2 Review + Demo

Simple Video Pro 2aToday I’m reviewing Simple Video Pro 2, a video player WordPress plugin by Nick LaPolla and Mike Lantz.

I bought this plugin last year when the first version was released, because of the awesome features it had that I’d never seen before. It went on to become the top selling WSO ever!

Like so many other stuff I’ve bought, I didn’t get around to using it until much later – a few months ago actually! I was adding videos to a new site I’d made and I remembered this plugin I’d bought that could help increase conversions.

So I went to download the latest version, and found out that the new and improved version 2 was coming out soon. I was all set to upgrade when I found out that Nick had extended the year of free updates for anyone who bought on or after 18 August 2012 to include the new version!

That was awesome of him, but after some indecision I upgraded anyway, because I really wanted one of the new add-on modules and another year of updates. Of course it also helped that past customers of Simple Video Pro 1 get a discount for version 2! 😉

Tip: Are you also a previous customer? Then don’t pay full price for the new version! To get the discount click here, then press ctrl+f on the sales page to search for the phrase “Already a Member?”. Click the link and follow the instructions to get your discount.

I’ve installed the new version on this blog and tested it out, and in this review I’ll show you what I love about it, and what I wasn’t so impressed with.

Yes, there’s one feature that leaves something to be desired, which is unfortunate because it would be awesome if executed a bit better! Read on to find out more.

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Forever Affiliate Review Part 9: Week 3 Coaching

Forever Affiliate Video CourseI’m back with a long overdue installment of my Forever Affiliate review!

I’ve been having a lot of problems with my internet connection the last few months, so I haven’t been able to work on any of my websites very much, and I had to put the Forever Affiliate course on hold. However, yesterday we finally found the signal booster that was packed away in our garage. Hopefully once we’ve set it up on the roof we’ll have regular internet access again!

This time I’m covering week 3 of the coaching, along with the relevant videos from Phase 2 of the basic course.

Forever Affiliate Video Course Phase 2: Testing and Validation

ForeverAffiliate Phase 2I already reviewed the first part of this phase in Part 6: Building Profitable Sites, so in this part of the review I’ll go over the last 3 sections.

Post 2012 Content Creation

This section has 7 videos, which are almost 2 hours long in total. The first thing Andrew teaches us is the general strategies to use for minisites and authority sites, and the differences between them. The focus of this course is minisites, though these minisites are not like the old-school minisites.

Andrew says we will only have 1 or 2 authority sites in our portfolio, because they take a long time to build up and start making money. This is a bit of a bummer for me, because my current portfolio is basically made up of only authority sites, but they do take ages to start making money so I’m excited to try making minisites too.

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