Forever Affiliate Review Part 7: Week 1 Coaching

Forever Affiliate Video CourseHi everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks since the last part of my Forever Affiliate review.

If you read my previous post, then you know why – I’ve been suffering from pain in my arms from working on the computer too much. The pain isn’t gone yet, but my arms are feeling a bit better and I really wanted to get back to doing the Forever Affiliate course and working on my websites, so I’ve been trying to catch up this weekend.

While I was on my temporary hiatus from the computer, the coaching started for those of us who bought one of the upsells, so I will be reviewing that as well each week.

Additional Cost

Before I begin, I just wanted to let you all know about an extra cost I found last week when I was checking the competition of possible niches.

I had put together a list of 100 niches I found using the methods Andrew teaches in Forever Affiliate, but when I sat down to put them all through the analysis funnel, I found out that the free tool we use to analyze strength of competition is only free for 10 searches each day! I didn’t realize this when I was doing that part of the course, because when I tested it I did less than 10 searches.

Chronic Blogger - shockedSince now I was doing about 5 or more searches for each niche, the limit wasn’t nearly enough for me and I quickly became frustrated that I could only check the competition for 1 or 2 niches each day.

If you want to remove the limit on the tool, then you have to pay $79 for a month of use. I was not happy about that at all, but after some reflection (and a cooling off period while I had to rest my arms anyway ;)), I decided that I need to invest in the tools necessary for doing the job properly.

In the past I have always tried to make do using free methods, but maybe that’s one of the reasons I didn’t have very much success. Free tools are very limited, and the data the paid ones show can give a huge advantage.

So I decided to pay for a month of using that tool so that I can run those 100 niches through the analysis funnel, but that’s going to have to wait until payday this month.

In the meantime I’ve chosen 2 niches from the pre-researched bonus niche packs included with the course (one comes with the normal course, and one with the OTO). I don’t know how that will work out – they might get too competitive now if a lot of the Forever Affiliate customers use them – but I just wanted to get started so long.

In a few days I’ll get paid and I’ll get the limits removed, so I can analyze the competition for the niches I found on my own and find out which ones to go after.

Week 1 Coaching: Mindset & Preparation

The Week 1 coaching consists of:

  • 2 Mastermind Webinar sessions (about 5 hours total)
  • 2 Advanced Content Videos (40 mins)
  • 1 Expert Interview with Andy Murphy (37 mins)
  • 1 Action Checklist

I wasn’t super enthusiastic about the subject of the coaching in week 1, but Andrew makes a good point when he says that when we learn something new, there are a lot of things that can trip us up and make us give up before we see results.

Sometimes it doesn’t even have anything to do with the new stuff we’re learning, life just happens and things like work, health or family issues can get in the way sometimes. In fact work and health issues are exactly what got in my way during the last week or two.

So the first week of coaching is about controlling our mindset and preparing for what’s ahead, to maximize what we get done and the results we’ll have.

Advanced Content Videos

The first video is about getting clear in your mind what you’re doing all this for, because sometimes it can all get overwhelming or disheartening if you don’t immediately get the results you hoped for, and sometimes you can get paralyzed by indecision or doubts instead of moving forward.

Andrew describes what a typical day for him is like – just taking it easy, spending time with his family, and doing small things to take care of their health, which most of us usually don’t have time for. I really connected with this, because this is the type of life I’d like to have. I’m not interested in having a Ferrari and going to parties 😉

Sometimes we get too caught up in trying to earn money, when the money is just the means to get what we really want, which for me and many of you is (in broad strokes) the time and freedom to live our lives the way we choose.

Forever Affiliate Week 1 CoachingThe second video is about taking control of our thought processes and not letting our minds run in predetermined patterns that are created by our past experiences and that can affect our progress.

This might sound weird when I describe it like that in one sentence, but it actually makes a lot of sense. I’ve actually heard something like this before from a psychologist at a presentation for a course to help people stop stuttering.

Andrew also covers setting our focus and preparing for things that could go wrong, and thinking of ways to overcome those problems. That part was very useful!

I also loved the 3 points at the end. I think many of the times I failed in the past was because I didn’t do those 3 things. I need to stick them on my monitor so I can see them every day!

Expert Interview with Andy Murphy

Andy MurphyI had never heard of Andy Murphy before this course, but the intro says he’s a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and a highly accomplished online entrepreneur. He’s coached CEOs and professional athletes on getting the most out of themselves and achieving extraordinary results.

First of all Andy explains a bit about how the mind works, because he says if he doesn’t then the rest of the interview will all sound like “airy-fairy” stuff. Lol!

Then he talked about how to build anchors to control our mental state, which in turn controls how we feel, what we’ll do, and the results we’ll get.

In the end Andy gives us 2 exercises we can do. I didn’t realize what a difference these exercises would make until I did them. They really helped me to focus on why I’m doing all this and visualize how it will be once I’ve succeeded, which helps a lot with motivation when things are tough.

Action Checklist

The checklist is more of a worksheet with spaces that we have to fill in with details about our goals, commitments, what we’ll need to reach those goals, and stuff like that. I found this part quite useful.

It also covers what was in the videos, though when I did Andy Murphy’s tasks I went into more detail because I didn’t have a limited amount of space. I think it’s the detail that makes the most difference, so don’t just do the part in the checklist!

The last part gives us some tasks to do.

Mastermind Webinars

I didn’t get to participate in the live webinars, because I bought the 2nd OTO (the first one is sold out now) – but the replays were still gold for me.

While I was slowly checking the competition for all those niches I found, I was getting some very strange results on some of them, and I wasn’t sure what conclusion to make.

Andrew covered week one’s topic in the webinars, but the majority was dedicated to answering any questions the coaching members sent in (or asked live) – and thanks to that I got all my questions answered, even though I couldn’t ask them!

I also got a lot of other useful info from Andrew’s answers to questions I hadn’t even thought of.

Chronic Blogger - headsetI actually have to re-listen to the first webinar – I listened to it while I was resting my arms, so I wasn’t taking notes, which I really regretted later. I have a terrible memory! I learnt my lesson though, and took about 8 pages of notes during the 2nd webinar 😉

I do remember one thing about the first webinar. If you’ve read the previous part of this review, you know the theme Andrew recommends we use has been updated and is now totally different. One of the attendees asked Andrew about this, and he said he tried the new version a few days ago and he doesn’t like it at all either, so he recommended we contact the theme makers and ask if we can have the old version instead. Then another attendee said there’s actually a link to the old theme at the bottom of the download page – I checked, and there is! 🙂

In the beginning of the 2nd webinar Andrew asked for volunteers to share why they were doing this, and there was a guy from South Africa who said some really moving stuff that brought tears to my eyes. And the part about helping his parents to retire really resonated with me too.

Then Andrew asked the audience to share what has held them back in the past, and then others would send in ways that they get around that obstacle. It’s amazing how similar most of our stumbling blocks are! I think nearly everything that was mentioned has happened to me at some point or another.

One thing that irritated me a bit was when someone asked about alternatives to that tool for checking competition that I spoke about in the beginning of this post, and Andrew referred them to a thread in the forum. It actually happened in both the webinars. The forum is only accessible to those who bought the first OTO (which isn’t available anymore), so I can’t see it.

But all the tools give different numbers, so if I use something else I wouldn’t know what parameters to use anyway, so maybe it’s better if I just stick to the one Andrew used in the course. I doubt any tools will show that kind of info for free anyway – the two I found on my own cost about the same amount. It still would have been nice to check out the alternatives though.

End of Today’s Review

So, is the coaching worth it? For me it has been. I got tons of great info from these first 2 webinars, and there are still 5 more weeks to go.

I do kinda wish I had bought the OTO 1 when it was available so that I could have had access to the forum and to Andrew’s personal help. I was so envious when people asked him during the webinar if he could check their niche research or their websites and he was like “Sure, just send me an email!”. Lol 😛

But I think what was covered in this first week will be enough to keep me going even if things get tough and life gets in the way sometimes. So in the end I’m glad the first week was about mindset and preparation. And if I have any more questions, I know now that other people will probably ask them anyway during the mastermind webinars.

The Week 2 webinars have already been uploaded, so I hope to get that reviewed soon! Week 2 is all about niche research, and Week 3 is about site and content creation. That’s when the coaching will catch up to where I was in my last review of the normal course, so from then onwards I’ll probably be reviewing them together.

See you then! 🙂

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  • Alan says:

    Hey Priscilla,

    Thanks for the inside on the paid course, and the tip on the research tool. I have not gotten that far yet, but good to know. Please let us know when you sign up and start rolling those niche’s through your funnel. Take care of yourself, Alan

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Alan,

      Will do 🙂

      If you’re still researching niches, you could put each one through the funnel as you find it, instead of waiting until you have a whole bunch of them like I did. That way you won’t need to do as many searches all at once.

  • Antoinette says:

    Hi Priscilla,
    I am really enjoying Forever Affiliate so far. It has provided me with very valuable information in a well structured way. The webinars for week 1 and 2 were excellent. I was getting bogged down with overanalysis in my niche research. Like you I just got the cheaper 2nd OTO and was happy that the webinars answered all of my questions and it felt good to know that others had the same problems I was facing.

    Just to let you know, the first webinar for week 2 delves further into niche research and selection. So you might want to listen to it first before making your selection.

    I am really disappointed about the limit of 10 searches in that tool. I find the $79 per month fee really expensive. I would only consider paying that when I would be making a good income online. Someone asked Andrew if Market Samurai was similar. He doesn’t use it but said it was just as trustworthy. I have MS but I will have to explore it more to see how I can use it to get the same information.

    Anyway, I’m glad to hear you are feeling better and I hope you had a great time with your grandmother.

    • Priscilla says:

      Thanks Antoinette! It’s great to have her here 😀

      I did want to wait until I had completed week 2 of the coaching before picking any niches, but they were a couple days late uploading the webinar replays. So it was Saturday evening here and I had no idea when they would be uploaded, so I decided I’d just go for it so I’d be able to work on the sites in the meantime. And then of course it wasn’t even an hour later that the webinars were uploaded – just my luck! 🙄 At least I only picked 2, so I’ll choose the rest after watching the week 2 videos.

      I actually tried using Market Samurai instead of that tool, but it doesn’t have all the same information, and what it does have gives different numbers. But maybe you could use Market Samurai to narrow down your choices, and then when you’ve found a niche that you think meets the criteria, use the daily free searches on the other tool to make sure.

  • Pia Smyth says:

    Hi Priscilla, I’ve really been enjoying your reviews and hope you’ll be continuing your series soon! Hope you’re feeling better.

  • >