Forever Affiliate Review Part 5: An Inside Look at the OTO

Forever Affiliate Video CourseHey everybody – in today’s Forever Affiliate review I was going to review Phase 2 of the course, but a lot of you have been wondering if you should get the OTO, so I thought I better review it for you before time runs out.

At about 7pm yesterday here in Italy, there were already only 173 places left out of 300. At the same time today there were only 106 left – probably less by now, because the number doesn’t update live and it’s already been a few hours.

That means that in just 2 days, about two thirds of the places for the main OTO have been already been sold! The rest of them will probably sell out within the next 24 hours.

What’s Inside the OTOs?

First I’ll recap what each OTO includes, and then I’ll show you in more detail what’s inside.

OTO 1: Forever Affiliate 6 Week Coaching Program

  • Weekly, 3 hour live Mastermind Conference Calls
  • Andrew’s personal email address for any additional matters
  • 6 Weekly Action Checklists covering every single thing you’ll have to do
  • Andrew’s personal outsource team who can “do for you” any/all of your work
  • 2 Advanced Content videos each week
  • Interviews with 6 of the world’s top affiliate marketers
  • 3 “Fast Income Generator” Bonus Modules
  • Your own local “Forever Affiliate Dream Team” support network
  • Access to the private Forever Affiliate Coaching Forum
  • Guarantee: access to Andrew Hansen until you make your first $1000/month
  • Cost: one time payment of $497 OR 2 payments of $279 (7 days apart)

OTO 2: Forever Affiliate Coaching (Materials Only)

  • Weekly Mastermind Webinar REPLAYS
  • 6 Weekly Action Checklists
  • Access to Andrew’s personal outsource team
  • 2 Advanced Content videos each week
  • Interviews with 6 of the world’s top affiliate marketers
  • 3 “Fast Income Generator” Bonus Modules
  • Guarantee: 30 days
  • Cost: $297 (one time payment)

So What’s the Difference?

I bought the 2nd OTO – everything in it is included in the first OTO, but with the first one you also get live access to the weekly 3-hour webinars (where you can ask questions to Andrew directly), your own local mastermind group/support network, and access to the private forum.

With the first OTO you also get a guarantee and access to Andrew’s personal email address and support desk for full personal guidance on ANYTHING that comes up, all the way until you reach your first $1000/month. That’s a pretty cool guarantee – I’ve never seen anyone else offer something like that.

I originally thought that only the first OTO had access to Andrew’s team, but that was because I had seen the sales page before it was finished (I bought the course before it officially launched). It is actually included in the 2nd OTO as well.

BUT you can get links to most of these outsourcers just by buying the basic Forever Affiliate video course , so if you were only considering the upsell for the outsourcing and not the advanced strategies, then you can probably pass on it. They’re in between the videos instead of all being on an “Outsourcing” page like in the OTO member area, but I think the only that isn’t there is the one for niche research.

Note that the outsourcing cost is not included in the price of the OTO – these are separate services by separate people, so you’ll have to pay for them. (See prices below in the outsourcing section.)

Show Me the Goods!

So what’s inside? When I logged into the membership area, I landed on the welcome page with an intro and an explanation of how the coaching works, how the material will be delivered, and how to go through it all.

At the top there’s a menu with a link to each week’s material. Clear and easy to navigate. There are the 3 Fast Income Generator Modules on the first page, and then there are more videos and content in each week’s section.

Each week will have:

  • one 3-hour webinar
  • 2 advanced content videos (3 in week 5)
  • 1 expert interview
  • 1 action checklist

I don’t have access to the webinars yet – they haven’t started yet, and since I didn’t buy the main OTO I’ll only get the replays the day after.

There’s a notice right at the top that confuses me a bit – it says:

Notice: The LIVE coaching program begins Monday March 4th, after the launch of Forever Affiliate ends, and the entire class is in attendance. The first live webinar mastermind will be Thursday March 7th.

What’s this live coaching he’s talking about? I only knew about the live webinars, and it seems like it’s something separate to that. I can’t find anything about it on the sales page. Oh well, I won’t say no to more coaching! 🙂 I’m guessing it won’t be live for me though, since I didn’t get the main OTO.

How to work through the coaching

This is how Andrew recommends we should go through the coaching:

  1. Watch that week’s Mastermind Webinar replay when it becomes available (or join live if you bought the main OTO).
  2. Watch the advanced training videos and follow any steps they prescribe.
  3. Starting from week 2, make sure you’ve watched all the videos in the Forever Affiliate course that pertain to our topic for the week.
  4. Complete the “Action Checklist” for that week.
  5. Listen to that week’s Expert Interview to then deepen your knowledge and add nuance to your understanding before moving on to the following week.

Andrew says that the coaching program is set up so that we can move through it at our own pace to an extent, but that we shouldn’t go through it all at once or we’ll hurt our progress.

I agree with him here. I wasted years because of information overload, and I don’t want to make the same mistakes again, so I’m not going to go watch every video here just yet.

But I know you all want to know if it’s any good, and I do too, so during work today I watched a few! 😉 Read on for more details.

The Fast Income Generator Modules

Forever Affiliate Fast Income Generator ModulesI watched all 3 of the fast income generator modules today, and they’re all pretty good.

The thing all 3 methods have in common is that they aren’t free like the methods in the main Forever Affiliate course. This made me balk at first, but by the end of the modules I was much less intimidated by it 🙂

The first 2 modules are about 20 minutes each, and the third one is about 50 minutes long.

  • Fast Income Generator 1: A Technique For Intercepting Profitable Traffic Today, & Monetizing It With Your Affiliate Links For Quick CashThis technique is quite genius, and involves making money by intercepting traffic to products with keywords that affiliates usually can’t use. I never read mile long terms and conditions with all their legal jargon, so I would never have found out about this method if Andrew hadn’t shared it here. And even if I had read the TOS page? I still doubt I would have thought of it. Andrew has a very creative mind!The problem with this technique is it uses a method I haven’t used before because it’s paid, so there are some things I’m not sure how to do and I’m worried about making a mistake that will cost me too much money. But Andrew says we’ll learn that part in week 4 of the coaching, so maybe I’ll try it out after that.
  • Fast Income Generator 2: The “No Website” Technique For Lightning Fast Affiliate IncomeWhen I read the title of this one, I was worried it was going to be something obvious that I already knew, like using Squidoo or something like that. Luckily that turned out not to be the case!I love this method even more than the first one! I never thought of doing this kind of thing in this way, and you can start earning immediately with it. It’s also a paid method, but you can choose exactly how much you want to spend, and you start out spending very little (like under $10). I think I might try this one out very soon.
  • Fast Income Generator 3: A Strategy To Skip 80% Of The Work In Forever Affiliate And Profit Within A Week, AS THOUGH You Did The Work YourselfThe third module is actually an audio interview with Ryan Moran. The method wasn’t surprising so to me like the other two, but Ryan shares some great insight and detailed tips, and tells us exactly what we need to do and say for maximum results.Andrew also gives examples of how we can apply the methods from the main Forever Affiliate course to this method.The audio was a bit choppy at times because they were recording a call over the internet, but you could tell they were having fun and I was laughing all the way through.

    This method costs a bit more, so I’ll wait until I’ve started earning money with the Forever Affiliate method before trying this one out.

Week 1: Mindset & Preparation

Andy MurphyThe first week’s advanced content videos are:

  • Video 1: What You’re Fighting For
  • Video 2: Preparing Mentally For Your Upcoming Success

The Expert Interview is with Andy Murphy. Here’s what we’ll learn:

Andy Murphy is not only a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, but a highly accomplished online entrepreneur to boot. He has coached CEOs and professional athletes on what it takes to get the most out of yourself and achieve extraordinary results.

In our interview we discuss how you can “program” yourself for success with affiliate marketing, as well as the most important ways to “get your mind right” as you go through this 6 week course.

Week 2: Niche Research

w2 sarayoungThe second week’s advanced content videos are:

  • Video 1: Advanced Keyword Thieving
  • Video 2: High Price Point Market Areas For Big Commissions EASILY

The Expert Interview is with Sara Young. Here’s what we’ll learn:

Sara Young has a story unlike any other. She has built an affiliate business that supports her and her family… at the same time as raising a family of SEVEN children. You want to talk about “passive income”. For Sara, it wasn’t a choice: Passive income or nothing!

In this interview we’ll talk to Sara about some of the different things she’s done to find affiliate niches over the years (because she’s made money in some markets I would never have thought to enter) and how you can do the same, for big affiliate success in a short time.

Week 3: Site and Content Creation

w3 Andreas KambanisThe third week’s advanced content videos are:

  • Video 1: Making Your Site Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Video 2: How To Easily Leverage Video Content For Added Profits

The Expert Interview is with Andreas Kambanis. Here’s what we’ll learn:

This English gentleman runs the most popular blog in London (a city of 20 million people) and discusses with us the content strategies he’s used to dominate his market and build a passive income that has him off traveling all corners of the world while his affiliate checks pay the bills.

In this candid interview Andreas and I discuss some of the strategies that have brought him the most traffic and generated him the most affiliate income. We talk content creation, link building and so much more.

Week 4: Testing With Paid Traffic

w4 jennThe fourth week’s advanced content videos are:

  • Video 1: Testing With Paid Traffic Part 1
  • Video 2: Testing With Paid Traffic Part 2

The Expert Interview is with Jenn (Pot Pie Girl). Here’s what we’ll learn:

When it comes to free traffic affiliate marketing, there are these two camps. There’s free traffic affiliate marketing with your own sites, like we do at Forever Affiliate, and there’s free traffic affiliate marketing with free sites (sometimes called Piggybacks). “PotPieGirl” as she’s known is like the ME, of free site affiliate marketing… but BETTER.

Having built a business totally based on free traffic and small web assets, Jenn is one of those people with an obsessive knowledge of how to succeed with this method; of how to promote the right things, and get people to your sites without you having to pay for that privilege.

In this week’s special segment, Jenn provides an exclusive webinar presentation just for us, on how she sets leverages her free sites to increase her affiliate income. (I figured to avoid us getting TOO bogged down in paid traffic this week, I’d throw Jenn in here to balance things out a little!)

Week 5: Testing: Promotion

w5 MattCarterThe fifth week’s advanced content videos are:

  • Video 1: Finding The BIGGEST Backlinks In Your Market
  • Video 2: Monitoring Your Search Engine Rankings
  • Video 3: Tracking Your Blog Comments For Maximum Impact

The Expert Interview is with Matt Carter. Here’s what we’ll learn:

There are not many people I put on the level of Matt Carter when it comes to experience with affiliate marketing and SEO. Having built his own fortune via affiliate sites (not unlike the ones you’re making as a Forever Affiliate) he is also one of the most well respected teachers of free traffic affiliate marketing on the internet.

In this interview we’ll discuss some of Matt’s 2013 SEO strategy, particularly as it relates to new sites. We’ll talk what he’s doing better with his content now, and how he’s providing value as an affiliate Post Google madness of 2013.

Week 6: Expansion: Promotion

w6 alexmillerThe sixth week’s advanced content videos are:

  • Video 1: Hardcore Supporting Link Building (Boosting)
  • Video 2: How To Leave A Niche Site To Profit

The Expert Interview is with Alex Miller. Here’s what we’ll learn:

Alex Miller is not the kind of SEO guy you’re going to find writing his opinions on SEO blogs. He’s the kind of guy that’s in the trenches day after day, testing and tweaking the most advanced SEO strategies that exist, bringing in floods of search engine traffic and crazy amounts of money.

Alex is the kind of guy that’s involved in the most hardcore SEO “posse”s that know what’s working before the rest of the SEO world lays eyes on it. And fortunately for all of us, he’s been kind enough to share 45 minutes here discussing his most powerful techniques.

Outsourcing and Services

The outsourcing section has links to the people and services that Andrew uses for his sites, so these people all know how to do the work you need in the Forever Affiliate style.

The prices are as follows:

  • Niche research: 5 niches for $60, 10 for $100
  • Site setup: $15
  • Article writing: option 1 is $100 for 10 and $200 for 20, option 2 is 1 article for $9.95, 5 for $48.95, and 10 for $96.95
  • Link building: there are quite a few different kinds of link building services available, with different prices.


In this section there are a bunch of unadvertised bonuses. They are:

  1. Special Presentation: Making Money & Traveling The World With Simple Minisites
  2. Mindmap Of The Affiliate Model
  3. Interview: Using Your Blogs To Get Everything In Life Free
  4. Interview With A Student Making 4 Figures Per Month
  5. Report: How To Make $100/day in 2013

I hope this helped you decide if the Forever Affiliate OTO is something you’d find useful or not. If you decide it’s for you, remember that the spots will probably be sold out within the next 24 hours, so don’t miss your chance!

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  • Nick says:

    Excellent review. Really helped me with my buying decision. Like yourself I have gone for the second OTO. I have bought through your link and signed up for your email. Good luck with the course.


  • Nina says:

    Thank you for this review! It helped a lot to make decisions. I bought the OTO 1 through your link. Actually I could afford the OTO 2, but I think this was already sold out. Finally I decided to go for the OTO1. I am really excited about this BIG decision! I am going to sign up for your newsletter.

    • Priscilla says:

      Thanks Nina! I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

      I spent yesterday niche hunting, and now I’ve got a list of almost 100 niches to put through the Product Analysis Funnel! I just hope my internet connection behaves, it’s been off half the day today…

  • Bobby says:

    Hi Priscilla,

    Thanks for your great review of the Forever Affiliate Program. Reading your five-part review has persuaded me to go for the Course and, more particularly, the OTO1 (all on your AffID).

    If you have gone for that too we might have a chance to meet up as I’m not too far away from you, in Switzerland.

    Best wishes for every success with FA.


    P.s. Hope you have a great time when you’re Grandma visits from SA. 🙂

    • Priscilla says:

      Thanks so much Bobby! 🙂

      Wow, Switzerland! We used to live near Como a few years ago before we moved, so it wasn’t too far from the border. But I ended up buying the OTO 2, so unfortunately I don’t get to join a mastermind group.

      Good luck to you too! And just 2 more days until she arrives, I can’t wait! XD

  • graham says:

    Hi Priscilla,

    Great review that you have done, thankyou!
    I have been toying with idea of buying the product but the OTO’s have thrown me into disarray
    You have really done a fantastic job in explaining all the details I will probably start with the basic product tonight

  • Cynthia says:

    True, his sweet Aussie accent doesnt hurt, (LOL) but WOW I have already learned so much from this course! (OMG these new websites he has recommended!!) So far I’m in phase 1 video 12 and cant wait for the rest! Ive wasted so much money in the past, and this has all I ever needed. He gets into great detail and doesnt move to fast, but isnt boring either. So thanks for the great review, got it through your link and the spreadsheet you sent is GREAT!

  • Erik Beni says:

    Hey Again

    With the 3 fast income generator we’re you able to profit from it, I would really like to know because this is really the only reason I want to buy the upsell because I need some money relatively fast?

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Erik,

      I answered your email but I’m answering here too in case anyone else has the same questions. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but note that these methods are all paid methods. The quickest would probably be number 2. Actually number 3 could also be quite fast, and the profit potential is higher, but it costs more money to start than the other two methods.

      I’m planning to try a variation of method #1 for one of my niche sites, and I’d also like to try method #2 as soon as I get a chance. Right now I’m just trying to catch up with the training, since I’ve fallen a bit behind schedule.

  • Ryan says:

    Hi there Priscilla!

    Is the OTO #2 available for purchase somewhere? I can’t find a link anymore – did it “go away”?

    Thanks so much for your help – FANTASTIC reviews here on FA!


    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Ryan,

      OTO 1 isn’t available anymore, but OTO 2 is. If you didn’t see the offer after you purchased the course, you should still be able to sign up here. If that doesn’t work for you, you can contact the Forever Affiliate support desk and see if they can help.

      Glad you found my reviews useful! 🙂

  • aldo says:

    hi priscilla

    i have a question

    you said that you cant find the niche research outsourcer, do you know where i can find it because i dont have the 297 dollars for the oto 2

    please and thanks

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Aldo,

      I’m sorry but it wouldn’t be ethical for me to give out information from the course that others have paid for. But you can just hire someone on Fiverr/oDesk/Freelancer etc. and give them instructions on how to do it.

  • >