Forever Affiliate Review Part 1: Why I Almost Didn’t Buy It

Forever Affiliate course

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to buy the new course by Andrew Hansen, Forever Affiliate, that will be launching on February 19th.

In part 1 of this review series, I’ll show you what it’s about and why I decided to buy it. I’ll write part 2 as soon as I’ve bought the course, so you can see exactly what’s inside, and the next parts will be a step-by-step review and analysis of the course that I’ll write as I implement it, so you can see if it works and if it’s right for you.

Update: The page with the video and strategy guide that I talk about on this page has been replaced with a sales page now that the course has launched. If you’d like to know what’s inside the course, I cover that in detail from part 2 onwards. ~ Priscilla

Why I Almost Decided Not to Buy the Forever Affiliate Course

I really like the niche site affiliate marketing model, but my niche blogs haven’t been doing so well. Right now I have one that’s doing okay, two that are earning a tiny amount, and many others that I haven’t even had time to work on yet. For a long time I was suffering from information overload, and I lost focus and was too scattered in my efforts to get good results.

Then the Google Panda and Penguin updates happened and I was hearing all these horror stories about websites disappearing from the rankings and being replaced with low quality pages, and people losing their incomes. I worried that affiliate marketing was dead and I would have to give up, and resign myself to being stuck working forever in a job that I hate.

Google Panda and Penguin updates

But slowly Google made more tweaks to improve their search results, and my websites actually started doing a bit better than they had been doing before the updates. I guess the one good thing about my lack of action was that I didn’t end up using the bad backlinking strategies that everyone was teaching, so my sites weren’t penalized, and maybe they were even rewarded for having good content.

I realized that I didn’t have to give up my dream of earning an income online, and I’m finally getting back on track again with my goals. The problem is that I’m not sure what the best practices are now, so I want to get a good course to make sure I’m doing things right. I don’t want to do the same old things people have always been teaching, because that would be a recipe for disaster after Google’s updates.

Andrew Hansen - Forever AffiliateA month ago I received an email from Andrew Hansen announcing his new course, Forever Affiliate, that launches on February 19th at noon. I first heard about Andrew Hansen a couple of years ago – I think it was in a video or a webinar during the prelaunch of his Unstoppable Affiliate course. I remember being so impressed by the information he shared, and I really wanted to get the course, but I couldn’t afford it at the time so I just subscribed to his blog and his newsletter.

He hasn’t been posting on his blog very often lately – and in his email we found out it’s because he’s been working on his niche sites and testing strategies – but when he does it’s always a good nugget of information he’s uncovered to help us improve our affiliate marketing. Here’s a part of the email where he introduces us to the Forever Affiliate course:

It’s been building for almost a year now… my frustration. People talking about what is and isn’t possible in the search engines “Post 2012″… what is and isn’t possible with affiliate marketing right now…

And most of them, people who don’t even DO affiliate marketing themselves!

Truth is, despite everything that happened in the search engines in 2012, my affiliate income didn’t suffer.

In fact it grew. You’ll see some of it in this video.

And today it’s time for me to begin setting the record straight.

February 19th – just over a month away – will see the release of Forever Affiliate: A complete documentation of the exact 2013 affiliate marketing strategy I’m using to keep knocking out those little affiliate sites that pull in from $300 to $3000 a month, every month, in passive income.

It’s the result of the last year of my life, incessantly testing one strategy after another, in the field, and condensing it to exactly what is getting free traffic and making affiliate income as we speak.

Forget what you’ve heard. Forget what happened in Google last year. This is happening for me, and for many others RIGHT… NOW.

Now I’ve seen lots of other marketers claim that their websites haven’t been affected by the Google updates and that their courses will teach us what to do to “panda-proof” our sites, and maybe it’s even true. I’ve never heard of most of these marketers, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been in the background, making money all this time.

But personally I’ve been wary of these courses, because I don’t have the time or money to take a risk on courses I’m not sure about. That was why I was so excited to get this email – I know Andrew Hansen is an affiliate marketer highly respected by marketers that I trust, and I know that the knowledge I’ve gained from him has all been good so far. So I clicked on through to watch the video.

In the beginning of the video he talks about how things were when he started affiliate marketing in 2005, when the dream of passive income on the internet began, and how easy it was to achieve with auto generated sites.

I started worrying that he was going to recommend auto-blogging, but thankfully that wasn’t the case! πŸ˜‰ In fact Andrew then talked about how that method hasn’t been working anymore since about 2006, but marketers keep selling it, because they know the promise of lots of money for no work is so tempting!

Then he talks about online passive income today, and how it’s still possible even though it’s very different from the unrealistic dream from 2005. I love the third point in this section – he’s not promising us instant push-button riches, instead he’s saying that if we’re smart enough and we’re prepared to do what it takes, there is an open playing field right now for us to make a passive income: an income that is not related to the amount of time we spend on it.

In the next section Andrew shows us current stats from his own affiliate marketing sites.

Forever Affiliate example site traffic

The first one is a site that was started after Penguin and a few of the aggressive Penguin refreshes, and right after the exact match domain update. He says this website doesn’t have an exact match domain, but it does have the keyword in the domain, and he showed us a screenshot he took when for the first time it reached over 10,000 free visitors from Google in one month (November 2012). I’m drooling here, my niche websites don’t get anywhere near that amount of traffic!

Andrew says this site is a normal WordPress blog, no fancy theme or anything, and it only has 6 pages of content and 75 backlinks. When I got to this part I started getting skeptical – it was starting to sound a bit too much like those unrealistic promises marketers are always making in their sales pages, and I’ve got no patience for stuff like that anymore πŸ™

I almost switched the video off, but he then went on to tell us that this site is making about $1000 a month, and showed us a screenshot of his Clickbank earnings. I usually don’t pay any attention to earnings screenshots because they’re easy to fake, but he earned a little of my trust back by telling us straight that the amount we were seeing there (over $4000) was the earnings from a few different affiliate sites, not just this one. He could have told us that the website was earning over $4000 per month but he didn’t, so I decided to reserve judgement for now and keep watching.

In the second website, he shows us that we don’t need 10,000 visitors each month to make money. For this example he doesn’t use screenshots, he logs into his affiliate account and Google Analytics accounts while he’s recording and shows us the stats.

This website also has the keyword in the domain name, and it gets between 30 and 50 visitors a day (about 500-800 unique visitors a month). It earns about $100 dollars a day, which means it’s earning about $3000 per month – more than the website with 10,000 visitors! I like this example because it’s earning a lot of money, and the amount of traffic seems more doable for me – it’s still more than I get on any of my websites, but it’s not nearly as intimidating as 10,000 visitors!

Forever Affiliate example site 2

In the conclusion of the video Andrew says that in his Forever Affiliate course he will show us in over-the-shoulder videos the exact strategies he uses on his affiliate sites, so that we can learn the entire system and easily replicate it to get maximum results for minimum effort.

The video was definitely interesting, but marketers are often showing their traffic and earnings, but in my experience that has never meant that I would be able to do the same. A lot of that might be my fault because I haven’t always implemented everything in the courses I’ve learned. The methods were just so tedious, and it always seemed like we had to spend more time building backlinks and spinning articles for article marketing than actually working on the websites themselves.

So at the end of the video I still wasn’t sure how Forever Affiliate would differ, and if I should try this course or not.

Why I Changed My Mind and Decided to Buy the Forever Affiliate Training

Forever Affiliate Strategy GuideI downloaded the Forever Affiliate Strategy Guide that Andrew was offering for free, but it was late and I didn’t have time to read it straight away. So it sat in my overcrowded downloads folder and I ended up forgetting about it for awhile.

Then about a week ago he sent out a new video to the people who had downloaded the free strategy guide, called “3 Steps To Passive Affiliate Income In 2013”. It contained a bit more information about what will be in the Forever Affiliate course. The three steps were: weird crazy buyer markets, sites that provide value, and targeted high converting search traffic.

I’m not going to go into too much detail here since this video was for his subscribers, but I’ll tell you the main points.

Weird crazy buyer markets

I was so glad he addressed the question of whether there are enough of these markets for everyone, and relieved to find that the answer is YES! He says that we can’t even imagine how many of these markets there are, and that they are replenished and renewed every day.

They aren’t easy to find – you won’t discover them by going to an affiliate networks and scrolling through their list of offers – but in Forever Affiliate Andrew will teach us the exact techniques and strategies he uses to find these markets. Andrew says these are his newest techniques, and he has never taught them before.

He says he has a lot of fun finding these niches, so I’m super excited about this, because I’m terrible at finding profitable niches. I’m so bad at it and so of course I hate doing it!

Sites that provide value

This one is the big one that convinced me. I want to provide value, not just thin little sites that are only there to make a buck. I once bought a course where they told us not to write good quality posts, because the aim was to get our visitors to click the ads to leave our page, not stick around to read!

Maybe it worked at the time (though it definitely wouldn’t now), but it just didn’t feel right. I want to build an online business that I can be proud of, not something I would be ashamed to show my grandmother.

Andrew explains here that Google does not hate affiliate sites – they actually have an affiliate network themselves – they just hate thin, low quality affiliate sites that don’t provide value. Andrew says that in Forever Affiliate he will teach us specific ways to provide value to visitors and to Google, so that we can rank well, above our competition and even above the merchants themselves. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Targeted high converting search traffic

Andrew showed us in the first video that it’s still possible to rank with minisites, and he says here that it’s also possible to keep rankings. Google is now better able to recognize sites that provide value, and by doing certain things they’ll rank you without you having to do the aggressive link building strategies that everyone used to teach.

He also mentions getting traffic from multiple sources and that the core of the Forever Affiliate strategy is making ourselves “invincible” to Google changes by accumulating “assets”, but he doesn’t go into much detail on that in this sneak peek video.

More About the Course

By now I had already decided that I wanted the course, but I was worried about the price. I went back to the Forever Affiliate main page and scrolled down to read the Facebook comments below the video and see if anybody had asked yet. There were comments from people who made a lot of money from Andrew’s old Unstoppable Affiliate course, and there were others who asked questions I was also wondering about.

From Andrew’s answers to the questions, I learned that the Forever Affiliate strategies do not include article spinners, SEnuke, SEO software, proxies, or VPS! Awesome! I’m sad to say I tried both SEnuke and article spinners a few years ago, and I hated them! So tedious, and the final articles never sounded natural. I used them once or twice and then just stopped because I didn’t feel good doing it, it just felt too spammy. What a waste of money that was for me!

Some people were also wondering about the difference between Unstoppable Affiliate and Forever Affiliate. Andrew said Forever Affiliate is completely separate, and that this is his strategy as of right now in 2013. There is almost nothing in Forever Affiliate that we have seen him teach before, besides the stuff that never changes.

How Much Does Forever Affiliate Cost?

Finally, I saw someone had asked the price, and Andrew said it would be under $100. I was quite relieved to hear that, since I had been expecting a price over $200 and that would be more than I was prepared to spend on one product right now.

So anyway, I was assuming that meant the price would be $97, so I kept that aside. But when I later signed up as an affiliate, I got a link straight to the order page and it turns out that during launch week the price will only be $67! πŸ˜€

By now I’ve read the Forever Affiliate Strategy Guide and it’s great stuff, but don’t worry – I’m not going to go over it now πŸ˜‰

This post is already a mile long, and I’ll anyway be starting the in-depth review of the actual course in a couple of days. You can download the guide for yourself at the link above – Andrew explains everything better than I can summarize it anyway!

If you already know you’re going to buy Forever Affiliate, make sure to get it in the first week to get the discount. However, I’m not recommending the course until I’ve gone through it and tried everything myself. So if you’re not sure if this course is right for you, or if you can’t afford it right now, don’t miss a bill payment or something so that you can buy it!

Instead, follow along with my Forever Affiliate review series so you can find out more. You’ve seen in this first part of the series that I’m quite exhaustive when I’m reviewing something, and I don’t hold anything back. I’ll go through all the training and let you know honestly what I think about it every step of the way. I’ll implement what Andrew teaches, and report back on my results.

And if it turns out to be as good as I hope it will be, you can always buy it later when you can afford it and be confident in your purchase. It’s not going to disappear, it’ll just cost a little more.

P.S. Remember to sign up to my newsletter in the box below so you don’t miss any updates! πŸ˜‰

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  • Shanna Carson says:

    Hi Priscilla πŸ™‚

    I believe that Andrew Hansen is a credible marketing “guru” since he has built good image among fellow webmasters. It’s definitely possible to make money online. The world is becoming a global village and you can now have customers from anywhere on this planet. I believe that we need time and hard work to generate a substantial online income. It does not come overnight. The harder we work, the earlier the possibility to make money. We should not jump into it thinking we’ll be a millionaire the next day. It’s not a β€˜get rich quick’ scheme.

  • Danial says:

    Hey Priscilla,

    Can you tell me how many videos are in the course? e.g some courses have 20 videos some have 30.. just to give me the idea of how in depth it is.

    • Hi Danial,

      I apologize for the late reply, I fell behind with responding to comments during my move to the UK. There are 49 videos in the main course, and 25 more in the upsell.

      Disclaimer: these numbers might not be exact – they’re the number of videos I downloaded, but I’m not sure if I downloaded them all or not. It’s a very in-depth course πŸ˜‰

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