Explaindio Review – Explaindio vs VideoMakerFX vs Easy Sketch Pro 2

Update: 4 October 2016

Explaindio 3 is launching today, and it now has 3D capabilities! Click here for a video demo on what it can do. Full review coming soon!

A bunch of video-related products have launched recently, including Easy Sketch Pro 2 and VideoMakerFX. Now Explaindio Video Creator is launching on 11 November, and it looks like it might contain all the features of the other two video creators combined. I’ve tested it out, and in this Explaindio review I’ll cover all its features, and how it compares to Easy Sketch Pro 2 and VideoMakerFX.

explaindio screenshot

What Is Explaindio?

It has a weird name, but it’s a pretty cool video creator software for both Mac and PC, brought to us by Nick LaPolla, Todd Gross, and Andrew Darius. Todd Gross has been behind some of the most successful launches in the video marketing industry this year, and Nick LaPolla is the creator of Simple Video Pro 2, which I reviewed previously on this blog.

With this software, you can create a professional looking video in minutes complete with HD video backgrounds, kinetic text, cartoon animations, whiteboard sketches, and more. You can create videos using just one of these styles or a combination of them.

The one time price of $47 is only valid until March 6 – then the doors will close, and when they re-open in April it will have a yearly fee. Note that this price includes a commercial license, unlike ESP2 which will charge you an extra $69 for it after your initial purchase!


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before March 6


The software will also have a “create a character” set so that you can make your own characters exactly how you want them, as well as a marketplace where you can buy slides and svg’s (vectors, for example illustrations or cartoon characters) created by other people.

You can also import slides from other video creation software – this plus the slides that come with the software and all the slides that’ll be available in the marketplace means that Explaindio has the widest selection of slides and graphics of all the video makers.

What Is Included?

Explaindio Video Creator comes with a library of 26 slide packs, which each contain multiple animated slides. There are slides available in various different styles – simple, elegant ones that can be used for any niche, slides with cartoon characters in different careers, kinetic typography slides, etc.

There are also 10 call-to-action animations you can add to your slides, as well as 5 other animations like rain or snow.

sketch image gallery

The whiteboard video section also has a library of 29 image packs, packed with a wide range of images to include in your sketch videos. There are all sorts of images for marketing like arrows, callouts, banners, graphs, social media icons etc. along with many other types of images like people, animals, office items, school supplies, vehicles, and various other objects.

You can also choose between 31 different hands to draw your sketch videos, and 55 hands to drag images or text onto the screen. You can choose a different hand for each image, and the hands can be flipped and tilted so that the drawing angle never looks awkward.

Some hands are pictured from the bottom so that you can have them draw from behind the images, as if they’re drawing on the viewer’s screen. All the hands are high quality – no fuzzy edges like some I saw in the Easy Sketch Pro videos.

sketch hands

There are also 15 audio tracks included that you can use as background music for your videos, but they were all very similar and a bit too dramatic for any videos I’d make (think “O Fortuna”). I’ll be adding a bunch of music tracks as a bonus for my readers – read the bonus section at the end of this review for more info.

Explaindio vs VideoMakerFX vs Easy Sketch Pro 2

Whiteboard Videos:
Library of sketch hands
Sketch image library
Sketch to video
Sketch from underneath
Non-Whiteboard Videos:
Hide elements
Move elements
Change size of elements
Change colors of elements
Library of animated slide templates
Other Features:
Video backgrounds
Import slides from other software
Character Creator
Music Library
Commercial license
(until March 6)
(+ extra $69 for commercial license)

Before I compare these 3 pieces of software, I just want to be 100% honest with you guys: I bought VideoMakerFX, but I haven’t bought Easy Sketch Pro (see why below). The comparisons I make in this review with ESP2 are based on the research I did when trying to decide which video creation software to buy for myself, and then again when I was trying to decide if I should buy Easy Sketch Pro 2 when it was released.

So the reason I bought VideoMakerFX instead of ESP even though ESP was definitely the better whiteboard video maker, is simply that I didn’t want to be limited to only whiteboard videos, and VideoMakerFX could make sketch videos as well as other videos.

I later realized that VideoMakerFX is not really capable of making whiteboard videos at all – the only way to do it is by using a slide pack that contains only 6 different slides.

The first 3 are slides of different durations (10 seconds, 8 seconds, and 6 seconds) where you can insert some text and a hand will write it for you – except not really, because the hand just moves jerkily across the canvas in a zigzag motion without actually following the text.

The last 3 slides are fly-in slides – a hand will slide text or an image of your choice onto the screen, either with a border or without one. That’s all you can do – you can’t place multiple images or text onto the slides or position them how you want them, and you can’t make the hand sketch an image.

VideoMakerFX also suffers from various glitches that can make it difficult to create a video and can really mess up the final rendering. The developers are aware of the problems but have yet to release an update to fix them. I’ve been testing Explaindio for a few days now, and so far I haven’t noticed any bugs or glitches.

Explaindio can make the same variety of videos that VMFX can, along with whiteboard videos on par with ESP2. After watching the ESP2 promo videos, it looks to me like the only feature ESP2 has that Explaindio doesn’t is the sketch-to-video feature. This looks a bit hit-or-miss (check out the pelican video – it doesn’t always draw the correct parts of the video) so I don’t think I’d use it much anyway.

If I’m wrong and ESP2 does have any other exclusive features, please let me know in the comments and I’ll correct this review.

What I Think About Explaindio – Pros and Cons

Though it isn’t perfect, I think Explaindio is a great piece of software with a very affordable price – it has the same functionality of VMFX and ESP2 put together, along with extra exclusive features.

For example, I love the increased control features that Explaindio has compared to VideoMakerFX. You can add a delay to the slides at the main focal point so that people have enough time to read or see the slide properly, and at the end.

You can also add a delay before or after each element is sketched or added in the whiteboard slides, and you can set the duration of each sketch so that it’s not too fast or too slow.

Another great customization feature for the animated slide templates is the ability to change the color, size, and position of each object in the slides. This is a feature I needed when I was using VMFX.

If only it was also possible to change the position of the text blocks, it would mean we could completely customize the templates to look exactly like we need them to. I hope they add that feature soon!

I would also like them to add the capability to have a video background span multiple slides – it can do so for the whiteboard slides so maybe I’m just missing something obvious, but if so I can’t figure it out.

One thing I don’t like about the whiteboard videos is that often with text, instead of writing the letters in a solid line like someone would in real life, the hand will sketch the outline of the text first and then it will magically be filled in. I’ve seen the same thing happen in Easy Sketch Pro 2 videos though.

I love that Explaindio can import slides from other video makers – this means my VMFX slide purchases won’t go to waste. I imported my slides from VMFX and it worked perfectly – in fact I could even move and resize the elements like in Explaindio’s own slides, which is awesome!

I’m also really excited about the character creator and the marketplace – it’ll open up the doors to a lot of creativity and customization, so there’ll be a lot less risk of our videos looking the same as someone else’s in our niche.

My Explaindio Bonus

As mentioned earlier in this review, Explaindio’s audio selection is quite weak, so I’ve put together a huge amount of varied music and audio tracks for you to use in your videos, along with a bunch of images you can use in your sketch videos.

The software has 2 upsells – a Mega Themes and SVG’s pack for $37 and a membership to get new slides and SVG’s each month for $17. I’ve added some great additional bonuses for those who invest in the upsells as well – see the list below for more details.

Bonuses for Explaindio software:

  • 200 images to use in your slides and sketches
  • 140 audio tracks

Bonuses for Mega Themes and SVG’s Pack:

  • 30 varied, high quality cartoon characters
  • 25 more audio tracks

Bonuses for Slides and SVG’s Monthly Membership:

  • 20 audio loops (no break in sound when looped)
  • 21 Christmas music tracks (perfect for the Christmas season)

These bonuses are available to anyone who buys Explaindio through my affiliate link – once you’ve completed the purchase, the bonuses will automatically be available for download on your JVZoo purchase page.


Click Here To Get Explaindio Now
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  • John says:

    Hi, so how do I get your bonuses, I didn’t see any acknowledgement?

    Bonuses for Explaindio software:

    200 images to use in your slides and sketches
    140 audio tracks

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for buying through my link! Log into JVZoo and view your receipt, there will be a button right at the bottom to download my bonuses. If you bought any upsells, the bonuses for those will be on the upsell’s receipt. Enjoy!

  • John says:

    Hi Priscilla,

    I ended up purchasing ESP2, got it for $39 including commercial license cause I liked the “sketch to picture” feature as I’m going to try and make a whiteboard presentation – but Explaindio is awesome too and probably better for everything else which means I’d like both, I’ll be back!


  • John says:

    Hi again,

    Used ESP2, all went well until I went to “properties” and asked it to fade the image after it was finished – it decided to not work – I tried a few times and it didn’t work ever – what really bugged me was that I tried to set it back to “do nothing” but it didn’t reset – so it’s a lemon.

    I purchased Explaindio, got your pack THANKS! hope this one works without bugs!


  • Aw, sorry to hear ESP2’s sketch to video effect didn’t work. If you really want that feature you could try requesting that they add it to Explaindio in the future.

    And you’re welcome, thanks to you too! 🙂

  • John says:

    Sketch to video “does” work – it’s just that I encountered a bug which caused me to quit and reload from the last saved version. After I had to do that a few times I thought it very buggy.


  • Joe says:

    I downloaded your bonus packages but can’t get them to import into Explaindio. Can you offer some advice please.

    • Hi Joe,

      In Explaindio just click the “Import” button, choose a section according to what type of files you want to import, and then import the zipped file (it will not import individual unzipped files).

      Here is another way I import the files when I have lots of unzipped files:
      1 – Right-click on the Explaindio app icon
      2 – Choose “Show Package Contents” (this might be different on Windows)
      3 – Open Contents > Resources
      4 – Drag your unzipped files into the appropriate folder (images/music/slides/svgs)

      I prefer doing it this way because I like to rename the files before I import them, so I’ve made a shortcut to Explaindio’s Resources folder on my Mac so that it’s easy to import the new files I get each month.

  • army says:

    I open many links of jvzoo seller about explaindio and I make my decision to buy from your link. This information is very helpful. Thank you!

  • Maurice says:

    Do you have bonuses for the annual ($57) option available right now?

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Maurice,

      Yes, these bonuses are for the annual option as well. If you buy through my link there should be a link to download the bonuses at the bottom of the purchase receipt in your JVZoo dashboard. Let me know if you have any trouble!

  • Willie says:

    Hello Priscilla,

    I am not a blogger but I came across this review and wanted to know if you still offer bonuses for purchase of Explaindio?


    • Priscilla says:

      Yes, I’m still offering the bonuses. If you purchase through my affiliate link, a link to download them will automatically be added to the page on JVZoo where you click through to access your Explaindio purchase.

  • Taiwo says:

    Hi Priscilla,

    How do I buy through your link? Looks like the offer you had has been long expired and the link does not exist anymore.

    Please let me know how to get your bonuses (if they are still available).


    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Taiwo,

      Yes, this review was written for the first version of Explaindio, so the offer I wrote about is no longer valid. However, version 3 was just released a few days ago, and the launch discount is still active. I think the price is rising in about 4 hours.

      You can buy through my link right at the top of the page, in the update box where I wrote about version 3. The bonuses I offered for version 1 apply for version 3 as well.

  • Amy McKnight says:

    It’s hard to find an accurate review for this product all reviews seem to be by affiliates. So I want to do the online community a service by sharing an honest review.

    I LOVE the results this program gives but I would NEVER EVER recommend this product to a friend, enemy, anyone. Let me explain.

    The program works, when it works, it can be glitch. It can crash on you and you loose all of your work. When you consider that it can take a good bit of time to create a few moments if you are really making things sync this can be horrifying. Save often.

    Customer support . . . is not particularly supportive. It takes a REALLY long time to get a response when you submit a ticket. And you generally have to go back and forth more than a few times before the issues is resolved. If you have DAYS to WEEKS to trouble shoot a problem use them. . . if you are like most of us it is better to invest in something else.

    Finally that investment. For what you are getting you get a lot. Here is the thing. They set you up for automatic payment. That’s fine if when they deduct the money there was some process to automatically update the product. That isn’t the case.

    They recently deducted $57 from my account. That was the old price. But when I went to use the program it wasn’t working. It seems that they raised the price to $69. Not going to break the bank. So I since they had already taken $57 you would think there would be a clear path for me to pay the difference. There isn’t.

    After contacting support and getting no answer. I contacted the email address that is attached to the paypal account that received my payment. Someone got back to me!

    Only to tell me to contact customer support 🙁

    I explained that I had and my situation. No response. I continued to contact support. When I finally received an answer, I was told that I needed to purchase the software again. There was no acknowledgment that I had already paid them, even though I sent them screen shots of my payment.

    I’ve ended up having to contact PayPal to have them mediate this. It should NOT have needed to come to this.

    Bottom line, this company doesn’t seem to care very much about maintaining good customer relationships. I’ve had many people ask me what I used to make my videos (when I was able to use the program) I generally tell them the above and point them to a different product. If you have not purchased Explaindio already, I would encourage you to do the same.

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Amy,

      I’m saddened to hear this, thanks for sharing your experience. I can’t personally comment on whether this is normal for them or not, because luckily everything has gone smoothly for me so far and I’ve never had to contact them for support. Did you get everything sorted out in the end?

  • >