Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review Part 2 – Final Verdict

Easy Paycheck Formula 2Okay, today we get to the part I’ve been looking forward to in Easy Paycheck Formula 2 – getting traffic to our lenses!

Note: This review covers the video course. The version of the course on sale on the Warrior forum does not include the videos, but the ebook contains all the same methods. The videos are available as an upsell. See the comments under this post for more details.

Part 3 – Jump-Start Your Campaign

This section contains 6 short videos and covers how to get traffic from other Squidoo users.

Sara says we won’t make a lot of sales by doing this, but the traffic and likes we get will improve our lensrank and increase our authority in the eyes of future visitors. Sounds good!

The first video is an overview of this method, and the second is an explanation of the Squidoo dashboard and where to find the stats for our lenses.

The last 4 videos contain the methods for getting traffic, likes, and comments on our lenses from inside Squidoo.

These methods are so easy and simple, but they just never occurred to me and I could kick myself now. One of them in particular is quite subtle and clever. I have seen people doing this before, but I only now understand why it’s beneficial for them!

Best of all, you don’t have to feel guilty for posting links in these places because it’s totally accepted and even expected πŸ™‚

Part 4 – Get Traffic from Other Sites

Module 4 has 5 videos, and shows us way to get traffic from other sites. The methods themselves weren’t new to me, but Sara has a smart way to test potential places to get backlinks from.

I know the method in video 3 is a good one – I once did it accidentally and got a lot of traffic to one of my sites from it! Stupid me for not taking it further like Sara does here.

Hmmm… one of these videos contains a sneaky way to get things to put in comments if you don’t know what to write. I don’t like it very much, but I guess it’s similar to researching a topic you’re writing about. I think it’s a bit of a gray area.

I haven’t used her “High Traffic Siphon” method before, but it makes perfect sense. Google is not everyone’s first stop.

Wow! The last video in this module was recorded 22 hours after the others, and in it Sara shows us her lens stats in her Squidoo dashboard so we can see how much traffic she’s had in less than a day, just by doing what we watched her do in the previous videos.

I added the numbers up, and here are the totals:

  • Visitors: 88
  • Clickouts: 19

19 people have already clicked on her affiliate links on that one lens in the first day! If I can start getting traffic like that to my lenses (which are so deserted I expect to see tumbleweed blowing past any minute now), I will be very happy.

Part 5: Traffic from Google – Internal Links

Part 5 is about increasing our ranking in Google by getting links inside Squidoo. These are different from the links in Part 3, which were mostly for getting likes and comments to increase our authority in the eyes of our readers, but didn’t make much difference to Google.

In the intro video we see her dashboard again, and it seems more than a week has passed now because there are more traffic stats than before. I paused the video to check, and it looks like the amount of traffic Sara has been getting to that lens has stayed more or less consistent – the amount of visits each day varies between 56 and 84.

Okay, I’m starting to regret writing this review… I want to keep these methods to myself, lol! I LOVE videos 2, 3, and 4 in this section! I wish she wasn’t selling this course for $7 today, because if everyone starts doing this I don’t think it will be so easy anymore.

Videos 5-7 are more obvious techniques, but Sara adds her own clever twist to the method in video 6.

This is my favorite module so far πŸ™‚

Part 6: Traffic from Google – External Links

Part 6 is about increasing our ranking in Google by getting links from outside Squidoo. Excluding the intro, there are only 3 videos in this section.

Oh no! I know the methods in the first 2 videos already, and they’re tedious (and time-consuming for me in the case of the second one, though it might be different for you if you find writing easy).

The last video is a way to get the previous methods done for you (and other things too) using a famous website, but it’s a paid method – I thought everything was free?

Ah, but Sara stresses that it’s optional and to only do it if you’re already earning money with the Easy Paycheck Formula 2 method, or if you can afford it (it’s not expensive). If you can’t, you can do it yourself, it’ll just take more time.

She shares a good list of Do’s and Don’ts for this service, which is really useful (especially for beginners) because if you do it wrong you can easily sabotage your efforts.

Final Verdict

I wasn’t really crazy about the part of the course I went through in Part 1 of this review, because it was mostly stuff I already knew. But I LOVED the stuff I learnt today, especially in Part 5!

But does it keep it’s promises?

  1. It works fast: Yes!
  2. Teaches you how to get non-Google traffic: Yes
  3. Easy for complete beginners: Yes
  4. Can be done in less than 1 hour per day: Yes
  5. No extra costs: Yes, except the last video which is on outsourcing and is optional

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 resultsI’ve just finished this course, so I haven’t applied these methods to my own lenses yet, but I know it works fast because of the stats I saw in Sara’s dashboard and the success stories people posted on the “Inspiration Wall” (click the screenshot to zoom in).

It teaches how to get traffic from places even before you’re ranking in Google, and it’s easy for beginners to understand because Sara explains everything slowly and shows you how to do everything step-by-step.

It can be done in 1 hour a day, since there isn’t really a list of stuff that has to be done each day, so you can just divide up your tasks if you don’t finish in time. And if you followed Sara’s advice in the beginning about making things easier for yourself when choosing a product to promote, then you will save a lot of time after you’ve made your first lens.

But as with any method, the more time you spend on it the better – you will be able to make more lenses and more money.

So do I recommend this course? Yes, I think it’s a great course for anyone who wants to try making money online without any further investments or without having to make your own websites, and who wants to get results quickly.

Right now you can get it for as little as $7 instead of the $97 it usually sells for. It’s on a dimesale though, so the price is going up as we speak!

Get Easy Paycheck Formula 2
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  • Andrew says:

    Great review again. please let us know your stats when you try πŸ™‚

  • Alan says:


    Awesome review. You were quick to get that done. Can you elaborate on the”Pomodoro” technique, sounds quite interesting.


    • Priscilla says:

      Thanks Alan!

      The Pomodoro technique I mentioned in my email is a time management technique that I’ve begun using for big projects that I keep putting off. You set a timer and work on just that one project for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break. That’s one “Pomodoro”. You keep doing this, and then after 4 Pomodoros you take a longer break.

      It’s just a way of breaking up a task into smaller, more manageable pieces. I bought an app for the iPad called “Focus Time” to keep track of how many Pomodoros I do, so I’m also more motivated not to slack off when I see a graph showing how many Pomodoros I got done each day πŸ˜‰

  • Andrew says:

    So i just bought the course and all I got was a PDF and bonuses, no videos.

    • Priscilla says:

      That’s weird! I wonder if the videos aren’t included in the WSO, or if it was just a glitch. I’ll contact the support desk and ask.

      • Priscilla says:

        I just contacted Sara and unfortunately the videos are not included in the WSO, but are offered as an upsell for $47. I’m so sorry Andrew, I didn’t know. I will update my review now.

        The ebook does contain all the same methods that the videos do though. Here is what Sara wrote (formatted a bit strangely because I copied it from Skype):

        I updated the ebook at the end of September, so it is very very up to date
        I also had a professional editor review it to make sure it’s as easy to follow as possible
        The videos have the extra advantage of showing me go through a campaign
        I couldn’t do that in the ebook, but I brought lots of examples to make up for that

  • Andrew says:

    Thanks for the update

  • P says:

    So did you have any results after fifteen or so days?

    • Priscilla says:

      Lol, funny story with this. After I started applying these methods to one of my Squidoo lenses, I saw that Amazon is no longer accepting pre-orders for the item – they’re sold out! I didn’t even know that was possible with pre-orders.

      So I didn’t continue because it’s not worth the effort if I can’t make sales on the big ticket item, but the methods I did apply helped me to get a much higher lensrank and some internal traffic, likes, and comments from Squidoo members. I haven’t done anything for a few days now, and I’m still getting some likes.

      Of course what’s really important is the external traffic from buyers. I have received a bit of traffic from search engines and a few clicks on my affiliate links, but very little because I didn’t do the methods for getting external traffic. And I’m not sure if I made sales on the cheaper items, because they are all pre-orders too and I don’t know if the sales would show up straight away or only after the items are released.

      So I’m going to have to start some new lenses on other products to test this course out properly, but I’ve got a few too many things on my plate right now so it’s going to have to wait a little while.

  • P says:

    oh I see, ty very much for sharing your experience πŸ™‚

  • Latha says:

    Did you make any money with this? I have started off with Easy Paycheck Formula 1 and I am using Blogger instead of Squidoo. Squidoo does not work for me much.

    • Hi Latha,

      I haven’t completed the whole process yet, because I realized using Squidoo (or any other Web 2.0 site) is not for me, at least not as my main income source. What I like most about internet marketing is the website creation, and if I use Web 2.0 sites instead of my own sites then I can’t do that, and it’s not fun for me anymore.

      So for now I’m concentrating on the methods taught in Forever Affiliate and The Rankings Institute, and I plan to come back to Easy Paycheck Formula 2 when I’m ready to use Web 2.0 sites to promote my main sites.

  • >