Do you get back pain from sitting at the PC for too long?

Yoga Warrior 2 PoseIf you’re an internet marketer or if you’re trying to earn a living online, you probably spend a lot of time working at a desk in front of your computer. I don’t have a good posture when I sit at my desk, and I think I spend about 13 hours sitting here each day.

I often have a slight backache and/or neck pain, but for the last 2 days the pain in my lower back and right hip was so bad that my mom lent me her soft back brace and I spent half of the first day lying down and in pain. I also had the flu and my pet goldfish died, so I was quite miserable!

Anyway, after I took a pain pill and lay down for a few hours it started to get more bearable, but it still hurt. Doing some stretches helped a bit (especially swiveling my hips alla Ricky Martin, lol!). Then I remembered that a few weeks ago I had pinned a link on my Pinterest Health & Fitness board to some yoga exercises for people with desk jobs, and then of course I’d promptly forgotten about it!

So in the evening after my daily run on the treadmill, I opened up the article and tried out the exercises. I’ve never done yoga before, so I messed up a bit because I had to keep stopping in between to read the instructions. The second stretch (the Crescent Moon Pose) looks easy but it was the most confusing to me, because they make you go through three other poses to get to it. I had to keep stopping in between to change the page and read the instructions for each pose. The others are much simpler and easier though.

Although these yoga poses didn’t miraculously cure my back pain, they did help a bit. I think if I do these stretches every day it will make a big difference. I also just found 2 more related articles at the same site: 8 Poses For Yoga at Your Desk and 7 Stretches You Can Do on a Ball at Your Desk. Gotta try these too!

I also have MacBreakZ 4 (under $10, not an affiliate link) installed on my Mac and Workrave (free) installed on my PC to make sure I take regular breaks and do stretches and eye exercises during the day (they’re supposed to help prevent RSI). The problem is I usually get irritated by them and switch them off! I really have to stop doing that 😛

Do you also get back/neck/wrist pain from working on the computer for too long? What do you do to prevent it or to get relief from the pain? Let me know in the comments section below!

  • Very Healthy Article yes as a SEO i spend lot’s of time sitting in front of Desktop so back pain is genuine problem but i read your post really it’s awesome tips and good exercise you mention this post defiantly i implement your advise.
    Thank You to share this healthy one.

  • Daniel says:

    I always have back pain from sitting at the pc if my posture is not right. I try to keep my back straight and it really helps avoid the pain.

  • Lina says:

    OMG, I’ve been having back pain these couple of days. Even had to lie down while on the laptop, which is not very comfy. I’ll try your suggestions above. Thanks Priscilla.

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