Constant Profits Club Review and Bonus Training

UPDATE: 29 September 2016

Membership to Constant Profits Club has been closed since the end of the launch in March, but now for a few days Andrew and Sara are opening it up to new members.

Click the button below to watch the re-launch webinar, where you can learn more about the training and the results the first group of students obtained.

Course Overview

Creators: Andrew Hansen, Sara Young
Availability: 8 March - 20 March 2016
Price: $1,997 (or 3 payments of $747)
Summary: This is a 10 week live coaching program which will take you step-by-step through quickly earning income online, and using those earnings to build your own profitable affiliate websites that will keep earning you passive income for many years to come.


Are you wondering whether Constant Profits Club is worth it and can live up to it's promises?

Andrew Hansen offered me review access, and I liked what I saw so much that I joined when they launched so I could get the full training.

So yes, I'm an actual member of the club who is paying for access, and in this review I'll show you what's inside so that you can decide whether this is the right training for you.

Have you ever lost interest in an affiliate marketing course because it just took so damn long to see any results? Or have you ever had to skip crucial parts of a course because they required paying for tools or services you couldn't afford?

Have you ever wondered what results you would have obtained if you could just follow through and apply everything as taught, from start to finish?

This has happened to me many times in the past, and that's one of the main reasons I'm so excited about CPC. With this course, Andrew Hansen and Sara Young aim to teach us how to start earning money almost immediately, and then use that immediate income to grow our websites into a highly profitable long term business.



Before you continue reading, I highly recommend you watch this free webinar replay about the course before they remove it on 13 March. Andrew revealed some really valuable tips and strategies on finding very profitable products and niches that you can rank in, so don't miss this opportunity to get that information for free!

Here are some of the things Andrew and Sara talk about in the webinar:

  • How to start earning in your first week (which is actually a modest estimate - Anne, one of their students, made her first earnings in just 3 hours)
  • How to grow these immediate earnings to $500-$1,000 per month
  • The 3 Step Process for growing those monthly profits into a business earning $10,000/mo within a year
  • How to switch to earning passive income by using the skills you've learnt to promote a certain kind of product
  • How Andrew started promoting a particular product and getting traffic and sales in January with almost NO promotion
  • How to get easy traffic by capitalizing on "ranking anomalies" in Google (and no, this isn't one of those "glitches" that stop working soon after people discover them)
  • A student will be revealed whose niche site (with just 30 pages) is earning over $24,000 per month as of January 2016
  • And much more...

About Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen

I bought Andrew's previous two coaching programs, Forever Affiliate and The Rankings Institute, and was super impressed with both of them. I don't often review affiliate marketing courses on this blog, but I reviewed them both because they contained the best training I had ever received.

I love his style of teaching, and the fact that he teaches ethical affiliate marketing methods. And I know I can trust his techniques, because implementing them on my websites has really increased my earnings.

Andrew teaches the niche research and SEO sections of the course, which I've really looking forward to because each time I buy a course from him I learn awesome new techniques that I've never seen shared before. You can tell he really knows his stuff and enjoys his work.

About Sara Young

Sara Young

I first heard about Sara Young thanks to the bonus modules she taught in Andrew's courses, and later I bought a course she released about Squidoo, back before it was bought by another company.

I really liked the smart ranking and traffic strategies she taught in that course, but thing that has always impressed me the most about Sara is the ease with which she can write about any topic.

Writing about topics I don't know much about has always been super difficult and time consuming for me, which can be a huge problem in affiliate marketing if you make niche sites about topics you're not familiar with. In those cases I always prefer to outsource the writing if at all possible, but often the articles I receive are not how I wanted them, so I've really been looking forward to learning her writing techniques.

What's Included in the Course?

The coaching will run for 10 weeks (though everything will still be available after that for members to access any time), with more than 100 step-by-step training videos walking you through the entire system.

In addition to the training modules and tools included in CPC, you will have access to both Andrew and Sara, two very successful and experienced internet marketers, as your coaches. They will support you throughout the training, and even after that until you are earning at least $1,000 per month. (Though Andrew has specified in the CPC Facebook group that "We don't kick people out once they reach $1000/mo. They still have access to everything, including us into the future.")

There will also be 10 live coaching webinars, 1 each week for 2 hours long. These are invaluable - I've never been a big fan of webinars, but Andrew's ones are always fun and enlightening. Don't make the mistake of skipping these! I learnt so much from the webinars in his previous courses, and I made it a priority to attend as many as I could. In fact, you should click here to watch their free webinar replay.

You will be able to contact Sara and Andrew for any questions you may have, and watch them go through everything live in the webinars, where you will be able to get answers and more in-depth explanations or examples if you need them. The webinars are really useful for clearing things up, gaining a deeper understanding of the methods used and what to do in different situations, and even getting new golden nugget techniques or strategies that the members share with each other.

Included with your membership is a tool for finding profitable niches and products . You can look for products in a specific niche or use the Random Category button to find profitable products in a random category. I love doing this - in just a few minutes I already found a bunch of niches that I had never even thought of, all with high-priced, profitable products to promote!

Members will also get access to Andrew's and Sara's team of outsourcing staff to help you complete any part of the system that you're not able (or willing) to complete yourself. Note that you will have to pay for any outsourcing work you get done, but the prices are usually quite low and this way you know you are hiring someone who will do quality work.

All members will be able to join the private marketplace, where you can hire other CPC members to do tasks you can't or don't want to do, or earn money by doing tasks for other members. Since everyone in the marketplace will be doing the same training you are doing, you know they can get the job done the way you need it to be done.

As a member you will also have access to the private Constant Profits Club community, which consists of a private forum, a private Facebook group, and a support desk for ongoing assistance.

The forum and Facebook groups are great places to meet other CPC members, share your knowledge, and help motivate each other.

I also want to give a quick mention to the cool badge system in the members area - you'll recognize it if you were a member of Andrew's previous training program. This system lets you earn badges when you complete certain tasks or requirements, or when you reach certain milestones with your traffic or earnings. It's a nice little motivational tool to keep your momentum as you go through the training, and can be pretty inspirational too when you see what your fellow students are accomplishing.

There is also a "Top Members" section for those that have earned the most badges, which is always updating. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get you to take action on what you've learnt 😉

But don't worry about that if it's not your thing - Andrew is always emphasizing the importance of going at your own pace and that there is no such thing as "falling behind", so you never feel pressured to go faster than you can.

Andrew and Sara have also included 3 bonuses, which all members will receive with the course.

Bonus #1: Immediate Income Booster Package
This guide will help you take your immediate income to the next level. It consists of 10 reports, each one focused on a specific place that will pay you to write for them. Each article can earn you $50-$100 , and this guide will show you how to approach these places the right way so you'll get accepted.

Bonus #2: Ultimate Constant Profit Swipe File
In this bonus you'll get to see 10 very successful CPC style sites in different niches. Andrew and Sara will show you their most successful pieces of content and their best keywords, backlinks, and monetization strategies. They will also show you how to repeat what they’ve done in your own market.

Bonus #3: The “Amazon Insider” Interview
This is an interview with an Amazon affiliate who was doing so well that he was approached by Amazon themselves to do a case study for the Amazon affiliate program.

By working with Amazon on this case study, he learned a LOT about how Amazon works, and the strategies that affiliates  can use to maximize earnings when promoting physical products. He is currently under a Non Disclosure Agreement with Amazon, so he won't be able to share this until it's complete.

Can You Really Start Earning on Day One?

Yes, you can earn money on your first day! In fact, over 40 people who joined CPC have already made their first earnings, and one has already made over $100. The course only starts officially on 20 March, but you get access to the first module immediately, so students were already able to start earning money as soon as they joined.

The first part of the course focuses on getting you started earning money as soon as possible, and then in later modules it teaches you how to grow that income by exponential amounts. In some of the promotional videos they say you can start earning money within the first week, in others they say the first day. Both those estimates are on the conservative side - one of their students actually made her first profits in 3 hours!

Now I know what you're thinking - it sounded sketchy to me too. Most of the time when products promise quick money in internet marketing, they are either scams, or they require a big risk or investment, or they only work for a couple of months. However, after investing quite a bit of money in Andrew's previous two training programs, I know by now that I can trust him and he would never teach me anything illegal or unethical.

So I started watching the videos, and of course I was right - Sara teaches this module, and the method she shows us is totally legal, ethical, and thousands of people do it every day (though without using Sara's strategies, so they are probably not earning as much as they could).

The method involves writing for other people, but without having to compete with other writers for jobs - you just pick a job, do it, and get paid. It's something I considered doing years ago, but in the end I dismissed it because it seemed too time-consuming and at first glance the earnings seemed way too low.

And the earnings are quite low in the beginning, but Sara teaches you ways to increase those earnings fast so that you earn much more for very little actual work on your part. And it turns out that if you use Sara's methods it's not very time-consuming either - once I get the hang of them, her techniques will save me a lot of time and effort on my own websites.

Some people might already reach their earning goals with this module and may decide to just continue with this, but this section is only week 1 of the 10 week course. Andrew and Sara don't intend for you to become a full-time writer - if you carry on with the course they'll show you how to increase these earnings and how to transition to a passive income stream by making your own successful affiliate website, so money will keep coming in even when you're not working. Which is one of the big reasons we all love affiliate marketing, am I right? 😉

Another great thing about this section of the course is that even though the first quick profits are small, you'll build confidence with an immediate win. If you continue you can quickly increase your earnings, but if you don't want to continue with it after your first profits, that's fine - just continue on to the next module and use the techniques you learnt in this one to make things easier for you when you work on your own websites.

I really love this first section, and I think it's going to make such a huge difference to you if you're new to affiliate marketing or if you've been struggling to afford the tools and services you need to grow your business.

So many affiliate marketers are on a shoe-string budget and try to get by using only free or really cheap tools, and it's not impossible, but it can really slow down your progress.

It's one of the main reasons it took years for me to start seeing any success - after the company I worked for closed down, I switched to doing affiliate marketing full-time, but the problem was I was living off my savings and too scared to invest any decent amount of money in my business when there was no guarantee it would pay off, and any money I earned would go towards paying the bills instead of being reinvested in the business. I still bought courses and tools, but only cheap ones, and “you get what you pay for” might be a cliché but it's true. In the end all the small payments add up and you find you've wasted a ton of time and money that you couldn't afford to lose.

Constant Profits Club changes all that by teaching you how to start making money immediately - even that same day! Then you can use the money you've earned and reinvest it in your business. With this course you will be able to earn the money to invest in whatever you need to make your websites successful.

I've never seen another affiliate marketing course go this route, and thanks to this module I'd say CPC is one of the very few courses that could truly guarantee you will make money almost immediately if you follow the instructions. So to answer the question in the title of this section of my review: Yes, you really can start making money on your first day 🙂

What Else is Covered?

The above was just the first section of CPC - there's still a lot more! The course consists of 11 modules, and that was just one of them.

After you've learnt how to quickly earn money when you need it, the rest of the course focuses on teaching you how to build an authority site that will dominate your chosen niche and bring you huge profits each month for years to come (like the $10k/month and $24k/month students Andrew will be talking about in the webinar).

Andrew and Sara walk you through everything you need to know step by step - from mining for profitable niches to long term strategy. Whether you already have a niche in mind or whether you have no idea where to begin, they will show you how to find niches and products with the potential to earn both quick and long term profits.

Andrew teaches some great methods to find untapped niches with products that are just becoming popular and still have almost no competition - but he also has strategies on how to successfully rank for even very popular products that a lot of other people are already promoting.

They go into a lot of detail on how to build your site the right way, so Google loves it and you avoid any penalties that are so easy to trigger these days.

I loved the section on content creation, because it's something I really struggle with in niches that I'm not very knowledgable about. You'll learn how to write for maximum conversions, what to avoid and what to write about so that not only Google loves your site, but also the actual buyers you are targeting. This will get you natural links, shares, and authority in your niche without you having to lift a finger!

In the first section of this review I talked about the method you'll learn for earning money almost immediately, but that doesn't mean that the rest of the course is only focussed on making money in the future. In fact, Andrew and Sara will also teach how to quickly get traffic to your site, which thanks to the high conversion strategies I mentioned earlier, will allow you to start making sales fast.

High impact, low risk link building is of course also covered. There are different options according to your budget, so everyone should be able to do this section - especially since, thanks to the first section of the course, your budget might actually be higher than you expected 😉

I also really like that they teach you how to keep track of any data like your analytics and statistics so that you have everything under control and can adjust your strategy according to the results you are getting.

My Verdict

My final impression is that this is a very in-depth, high end training program, aimed at teaching you how to build high quality websites using white hat strategies, that will be profitable for years into the future.

However, it's not for everyone. It's not some "push-button" strategy that will make you rich without lifting a finger, so if that's what you're looking for you'll be disappointed. It will take actual work and dedication. So often internet marketers treat affiliate marketing like a hobby or a get-rich-quick scheme, when they should be treating it as a business.

Constant Profits Club gives you a solid foundation on which to build your business and a long term plan to keep your profits growing over the years. Although Andrew and Sara teach you ways to start earning money quickly, the end game is always long term profits, so no shortcuts are taken for short-term gains which would be detrimental to that.

I was very impressed by what I saw in the course, and super excited about what a difference this training will make to everyone who joins and commits to following the strategies taught in here. I think Constant Profits Club is more then worth the price of admission, and with their 100% money back guarantee (more on that below) there isn't even any risk involved.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price of CPC is a one-time payment of $1,997 or 3 monthly installments of $747. The price might seem a bit high if you're used to buying cheap courses on the Warrior Forum, but trust me when I say that this coaching program is in a completely different league.

If you can afford it, I would say go for the one-time payment - it works out almost $250 cheaper than the 3 installments. If you can't afford to pay the $1,997 all at once, then go for the installments - you'll be able to use the method taught in the first section of the course to quickly earn enough money to make up the difference 😉

If the payment plan is also out of your price range, I would still recommend you watch the free webinar before it gets taken down. Andrew and Sara shared some awesome techniques with everyone, so it's definitely worth the time spent on it.

Money Back Guarantee

+ $1,000 if you don't succeed!

Andrew and Sara are offering the best guarantee I have ever seen for this training! The guarantee is two-part:

1) You have 60 days to follow the training and implement what you learn. If you aren't satisfied, you will get your money back, no questions asked.

2) If you continue on after 60 days, you'll get to the part in the training where you learn how to increase your earnings to $1,000 per month. If you are not able to reach $1,000 per month by the end of the training, Andrew and Sara will GIVE YOU $1,000 out of their own pockets. So either way you will get $1,000.

Andrew says they can offer this $1,000 guarantee because they aren't expecting anyone to take them up on it - that's how confident they are in the methods they're teaching. He has never offered a guarantee like this before because there are usually so many variables to consider - but in CPC the method is so straightforward that they're 100% sure that everyone who takes part in this training and follows their instructions will get to the point of earning at least $1,000 per month! However even if you don't, the guarantee is there so the money is yours 🙂

My Constant Profits Club Bonuses

I've put together some awesome bonuses that I think will really complement your training, instead of distract you from it. However, make sure you only open each bonus when you get to the relevant part of the course 😉

How to Qualify

To qualify for these bonuses, take the following steps before buying the course:
1 - Make sure you've cleared your browser cookies
2 - Click on one of the links to CPC that are on this page and buy the course. NOTE: You might need to use a new email address if you have already opted in to the webinar or the CPC mailing list previously through someone else's link.
3 - Use the contact form on this blog to send me your receipt, and I'll get back to you asap!

Bonus #1 - Alternatives to the First Part of the CPC Course

If you've read this review, you know the first part of the course where they teach you how to earn money immediately and then quickly multiply it is one of my favorite parts of the course. However, what you have to do to earn that money is something that not everyone enjoys - in fact it's my least favorite part of affiliate marketing. So if you'd like some more choices, this first bonus is a collection of alternatives that you can do instead, and you can even use Sara's methods for multiplying your profits on some of them.

Bonus #2 - Persuasive Writing Guide

Are your websites not converting visitors into buyers? This guide will teach you how to improve your conversions by using persuasive writing techniques.

Bonus #3 - Video Marketing Guide

There's no need to be intimidated by video marketing. This guide will walk you through video marketing step-by-step, and soon you'll be churning out videos for your own video channel! (But don't start with this guide until you get to the relevant part of the CPC training - you'll know when you get there.)

Bonus #4 - Done-For-You WordPress Site Setup

Does anything technical confuse you? Or do you just not feel like setting up your site yourself? That's fine, because I will do it for you for free! I'll set up a WordPress site for you according to the instructions in the CPC course, so you can be sure everything is set up correctly.

Bonus #5 - Website Review

Once your website is up and running with content posted on it, let me know and I'll do a private review on it for you. I'll let you know exactly what you're doing well and what I think needs improvement. This is the 3rd time I've done training by Andrew, and the techniques he teaches have really helped me increase my earnings, so by now I have a pretty good grasp on the kind of content he wants you to create 😉

To qualify for these fantastic bonuses, remember to clear your browser cookies and then click the link below to buy Constant Profits Club.