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Thrive Ovation Review – Stress-Free Testimonial Management Plugin


Many great features that make it easy to collect and display testimonials. It makes the whole process a lot less awkward.


Very user friendly, and can be used with or without Thrive Content Builder.


One-time payment, 3 licenses. Fair prices, but the Advanced and Pro licenses are far better deals.

Summary: Thrive Ovation is more than just a testimonial management plugin - it's an all-in-one solution for testimonial collection, management, and display. It removes the painful and awkward process of asking for testimonials, makes managing them a breeze, and displays them beautifully with fully customizable templates.

  • Converts comments into testimonials
  • Collects testimonials through capture form
  • Can add testimonials manually
  • Imports testimonials from social media
  • Can add tags to testimonials
  • Can make dynamic testimonial blocks
  • Many beautiful template designs
  • Needs more social media integration
  • Can't add video testimonials


Note that these discounts are only valid during the launch period,
which ends on Tuesday, 13th September 2016 at midnight Pacific time.

Update: The launch discount has been extended, but reduced from 50% to 25% off.


Install on 1 website

$39 $29


Install on 5 websites

$47 $39


Install on 15 websites

$97 $67

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Rankings Institute Member Results

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the The Rankings Institute series

Constant Profits Club update

Some of my readers who read my review of The Rankings Institute have asked me what kind of results can be obtained with the course.

We’ve all bought courses before where we followed everything to the letter and still didn’t see any results – sometimes it seems like only the experts who have been doing SEO and internet marketing for years are able to get the rankings and traffic we all dream of.

So to give you proof that these methods can be used successfully by everyone, I contacted some of my fellow Rankings Institute members and asked if I could share their results and screenshots with you. A big thank you to all those who agreed! 🙂

You will see the results vary – this is because every niche is different, and everyone chose which techniques to implement according to their budget and time constraints. I wanted to give you all a realistic view of what kind of results can be achieved, and so I didn’t pick and choose only the best results to show you.

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Worried About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in getting up the next part of my Forever Affiliate review. Things have been crazy at work this week, and I had to work overtime during the weekend as well. My arms, wrists and hands have been hurting a lot from working on the computer for so many hours each day, and after work I just couldn’t bring myself to continue working on the PC.

I might get some time off in the next week, so I’ll continue my review then – unless my arms are feeling worse!

My microwaveable grain sack

My microwaveable bag of grain being used as an arm rest. Mmm, smells like lavender!

I’ve had a tingling feeling in my left hand for over a week, and yesterday I had to stop working for awhile because the pain was so bad.

I have this weird microwaveable sack of grain with essential oils that’s supposed to be for neck pain, but it’s the perfect length for my arms. So I tried heating that up and resting my arms on it for awhile, and then wrapped it around my wrists. It doesn’t stay hot for very long though, so I had to do that twice before I was able to continue working.

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Do you get back pain from sitting at the PC for too long?

Yoga Warrior 2 PoseIf you’re an internet marketer or if you’re trying to earn a living online, you probably spend a lot of time working at a desk in front of your computer. I don’t have a good posture when I sit at my desk, and I think I spend about 13 hours sitting here each day.

I often have a slight backache and/or neck pain, but for the last 2 days the pain in my lower back and right hip was so bad that my mom lent me her soft back brace and I spent half of the first day lying down and in pain. I also had the flu and my pet goldfish died, so I was quite miserable!

Anyway, after I took a pain pill and lay down for a few hours it started to get more bearable, but it still hurt. Doing some stretches helped a bit (especially swiveling my hips alla Ricky Martin, lol!). Then I remembered that a few weeks ago I had pinned a link on my Pinterest Health & Fitness board to some yoga exercises for people with desk jobs, and then of course I’d promptly forgotten about it!

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