The Rankings Institute Bonus

I’ve put together a huge bonus package for The Rankings Institute! The first bonus will make it easier for people who are new to affiliate marketing to follow the training program, and the rest are bonuses that I think everyone will find very useful. Go to the end of this post for instructions on how to qualify for these bonuses.

Bonus #1 – WordPress Guide

trainingThis step by step guide is filled with screenshots, showing you how to build a website with WordPress from scratch. It’s perfect for those of you who are new to internet marketing but still want to join The Rankings Institute so that you can do SEO the right way from the start.

Bonus #2 – Review Writing Guide

writingDo you hate writing reviews? Do you struggle to get the right tone, and are your conversions abysmal? Then this guide is for you. I also used to hate writing reviews – I would spend days writing and editing them, agonizing over which words to use, and in the end they would still never sound as professional as the reviews on other websites. But this guide made me realize that they didn’t need to, and showed … Read more

The Rankings Institute Review

The Rankings Institute

As a Forever Affiliate student, I was extremely excited when I heard about The Rankings Institute! It’s an 8 week coaching program by Andrew Hansen and Alex Miller, focusing on post-Panda and Penguin SEO techniques to increase rankings, traffic, and conversions.

The Rankings Institute coaching program has limited spots available and is closing on January 31st at midnight ESTclick here to join before the time is up or all spots are filled.

What Kind Of Results Can We Get With The Rankings Institute?

To see the kind of results that can be obtained using the techniques Andrew and Alex teach in this program, I recommend watching this webinar replay. It’s almost 2 hours long though, so here are the highlights and where to find them in the video:

  1. Why there is such a big opportunity for free traffic in Google right now: at 9 mins 59 secs
  2. The site that went 0 to $8,833.99 in 60 days: at 18 mins 45 secs
  3. The technique to use to rank each piece of content for 30-50 targeted keywords: at 20 mins 38 secs.
  4. The site that pulled $3.5k from free traffic out of thin air within 2

Read more

Tube Optimizer Journey Review: Video SEO Training

Tube Optimizer JourneyThe creator of Tube Optimizer Journey, Abdallah Salim, contacted me about a month ago and asked me to review his new course about video SEO marketing.

Video marketing is something I’ve wanted to learn more about for awhile – especially since I started the Forever Affiliate course and I saw how many of the niches I found had videos ranking in the top spots – so I agreed to review the course.

Tube Optimizer Journey Discount Coupon

Abdallah was also kind enough to offer a huge 80% discount to my readers! :) The usual price of the course is $99, but you can get it for $19 by clicking here – the discount will automatically be applied.

What is the Course About?

Tube Optimizer Journey is a course for people who would like to start video marketing. It doesn’t cover making the videos themselves (though it does show you how to outsource the video creation cheaply), but rather it focuses on the SEO aspect of it – video optimization and backlinking to get your videos ranking well on YouTube and Google, and how to increase click-throughs.

The course is hosted on Udemy, which is basically a website that hosts … Read more

Easy Quick Member Review

easy-quick-member-sq1When I heard that the makers of the Profits Theme were launching Easy Quick Member (EQM), a plugin for creating membership sites, I wasn’t sure whether I should buy it or not.

I already had the Profits Theme by the same company, but I liked that EQM was a plugin and so could be used with any theme. This is important for existing sites that already have a branded look that you don’t want to change.

So I looked at the feature list, and these are the claims that convinced me to buy it even though it was still in beta at the time:

  • It’s the easiest and quickest way to set up a membership site
  • Protects your content from non-members, from members sharing their login info, group buying, and brute-force attacks
  • Unlimited products and membership levels
  • Free and/or paid memberships
  • Teaser content to entice people to join
  • Drip feeding
  • Subscription length control
  • Coupons
  • Integration with multiple autoresponders and shopping carts
  • Easy to understand sales, performance, and engagement reports
  • Click here for all the features

In this review, I’m going to test this plugin’s claims of being easy and quick by making a membership site from scratch. I’ll post screenshots … Read more

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review Part 2 – Final Verdict

Easy Paycheck Formula 2Okay, today we get to the part I’ve been looking forward to in Easy Paycheck Formula 2 – getting traffic to our lenses!

Note: This review covers the video course. The version of the course on sale on the Warrior forum does not include the videos, but the ebook contains all the same methods. The videos are available as an upsell. See the comments under this post for more details.

Part 3 – Jump-Start Your Campaign

This section contains 6 short videos and covers how to get traffic from other Squidoo users.

Sara says we won’t make a lot of sales by doing this, but the traffic and likes we get will improve our lensrank and increase our authority in the eyes of future visitors. Sounds good!

The first video is an overview of this method, and the second is an explanation of the Squidoo dashboard and where to find the stats for our lenses.

The last 4 videos contain the methods for getting traffic, likes, and comments on our lenses from inside Squidoo.

These methods are so easy and simple, but they just never occurred to me and I could kick myself now. One of them in particular is … Read more